How to Make a Mobile App for Face Recognition?

The world of the face recognition technologies is still relatively young and not fully explored. There are many things to be discovered and tested. So if you want to be one of the pioneers and aimed to develop a mobile application for face recognition you might find useful to check the advice and general introductions of those who’ve been there before. We have collected some of the common ideas of how to plan the development process and build a face recognition mobile app. Let’s have a look.

Face recognition mobile app development: Where to start?

When you have an idea for a new project the first thing you need to do is to work the development strategy out. That’s the fundamental step of any work. When it comes to the app development, 80% of the success lies in this exact step. So, if you’re thinking about how to create a mobile app for face recognition, start with the question “Why?”. Define the primary goal of a project – how this app will be used and for what purposes? The answer will help to specify a number of app’s features, their complexity, and map the future direction out.

For instance, how you want your app to be used? Are you making it with the purpose of entertainment or maybe you are aiming to put on a market an app that provides security? In the first case, your app will constantly use smartphone’s camera taking your photo experience to a more advanced and intelligent level. Firstly, by automatically detecting the people you have already synchronized with the app. Secondly, by simply saving time for tagging people in social media, for example, or by finding your friends on group photos.

Also, such a custom app can help to recognize the people, you care about and you are most interested in, like your friends or your family. Moreover, face recognition will pay attention that those moments with your loved ones are highlighted. So you won’t have to worry about having clear imagines of your friends on the photo.

In the other case, your app will be used for biometric authentication purposes. Basically, such software is one more step into the future of security technologies. It’s simple, it’s convenient and it doesn’t require any additional hardware. All the user will have to do is to take a quality selfie, save it and get recognized without being forced to remember any passwords but just by using this app. The developers’ main task here is to encrypt the selfies, to build a secure storage and to create a reliable databases.

Last but not least, do not forget to check the market before bringing a final version on the table. Whether you do iOS or Android face recognition app you should explore if you have any potential competitors and, if you do, what you can offer that they don’t have.

Face recognition app building

While talking about the development of face recognition app for android, or iOS, you need to account the specifics of the platform’s camera functions or simply consider what kind of toolsets are at your disposal. For each platform you can find samples of open source codes and face recognition algorithms for each programming language, would it be JavaScript or C/C++ if you want to make a face recognition app for iPhone.

Once you are done with defining the aim of your app, its production strategy, and potential market, you can think of the most complicated part of its development. Yes, we are moving on to the actual building process. Truth to be told, the main question about the building process is always the one about the cost. So what is the cost of face recognition mobile app development? As always, the answer depends on many issues. But here are some of the elements of this matter to consider:

  1. Complexity of the functionality;
  2. The choice of the platform;
  3. Interface design;
  4. The development company’s price list;
  5. Promotion;
  6. Maintaining and updating.

Obviously, for start-ups, it is never easy to begin such a huge project on its own. To make a custom face recognition app for android or for iOS is a pretty challenging thing. Especially if you want to bring something new to this business. And, as always, startups cannot afford risky moves in the developments. Fortunately, there are still plenty possibilities to be the first in opening some new techniques mainly due to large potential of this technology and a wide range of opportunities. But before concentrating your work on innovations better decide with the most basic solutions to make a solid foundation.

For instance, the basis of the developing process is pretty similar to all of the face recognition apps. There are few key point moments such as finding or creating a face database. Luckily, such resources have been already collected and its possible to obtain them without wasting time. The next step might be the work on the app’s offline capabilities. Decide whether you want to have the app working entirely offline by having a storage inside the phone memory or you want to use some sort of cloud based data bank.

One more thing to the offline-mode of work, think of such situations as working not just in the real life time but with already stored images or videos. This will give your users more advanced options for their work and, therefore, will broad your specter of potential buyers. Besides, if we are talking about using face recognition app as a part of camera service, it will help to save time for the users by tagging the people and remove the need of doing it after the photo is done.

Wrapping up development and bringing app to the market

Now it is time to sum up the entire work you’ve made so far and to analyze what was done and what can be improved. So let’s see what we have at this point. By this time the app is in its final stage of development and even if it requires some improvements, it is still time to think of the advanced marketing strategy. So what you have left to do is simply to bring an app to the market. What tactics to chose to launch your app and how to make sure that people will download it? Well, let’s start with convincing people about the absolute need of your app in their smartphones.

You need to prove why exactly your project is the one people need to get. We have already explored the potential market, so now you can move to push your app forward in the rates and maneuver among those apps you’ve studied previously. Look at their revenue and downloading rates and make an approximate prognosis about your app.

Your aim here is to find best ways to validate why your idea is worth someone’s time. After the app development is done, create your own website with the domain name, use social media for promotion, or, maybe, even look for some help from more popular brands by telling them how your app can benefit their own products. It’s all up to you.

Summing things up

During the process, the most important for you is to have a group of developers good enough for the job you’ve already started. Especially considering that the development process is practically never-ending and the market constantly evolves and demands apps’ updates and improvements. If you need help with building your product or want to get a consultation from experienced developers, contact us. Our company has been around long enough to help you out with whatever complex task you’ve got.