How Much Does It Cost to Create an Educational App?

The worldwide net became the main source of information a long time ago. It means, in order to make data reach the audience, you have to spread it with the right channels. And what kind of a teaching tool can be more efficient for a college than mobile apps for education? With their growing popularity, it seems to be a proper way to reach students. In this article, we will consider how to make such apps and how much money it will cost to build a native Android or iOS application.

Educational App Development for Students On Your Own

At first, we will consider an option of making a custom mobile software without approaching to companies or agencies that specialize in mobile development. An important fact is that this way will significantly reduce expenses on creating simple solutions. In the end, we will sum up the total price of completed application.

How to start (advanced version): A/Z development

If you have enough time and inspiration for continuous learning, then here is what you should start from.

A list of steps to start Android programming:

  1. Download and install the Java Development Kit (JDK);
  2. Download and install an integrated development environment (IDE) called Eclipse;
  3. Download and install the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) with all packages;
  4. Download and install Android development tools (ADT);
  5. Set up an Android Virtual Device (AVD);
  6. Learn programming following the “Hello World” tutorial;
  7. Use Development Guide for continuous Android programming learning.

It is worth noting that the JDK is actually a program that allows to editing a source code, ADT allows the IDE to connect to the SDK, and an AVD helps see how your app will look and run on a smartphone. The learning process is not that difficult as it might seem at the beginning. Planning your application on paper will save your time and minimize the chance you will have to start from the very beginning. Moreover, most occurring errors can be googled and you will easily find the answer and explanation how to eliminate them.

Cost calculation

Programming  on your own seem to be a good alternative for saving money. However, you have to pay something anyway. In this case, your time is the educational app development cost. It is not actually free because time has a price one way or another. If you use your free time to design an application, then it is ok, but if you have to cancel other activity, which could bring you money, then it is easy to calculate a total cost.

When you finish your development, multiply your average hourly rate by the time you have spent on programming. For example, your hourly wage is $22 and you have spent 5 months on coding dedicating 2 hours per working day to it. Your work time is about 210 hours. A total cost of your application is $4,620.

How to start (intermediate version): 50/50 development

The previous way is a good one when time is the only resource you possess and have it in almost limitless amount. In case you have to balance time and money, or you just want to learn how to create an educational app for students by yourself, then this paragraph will definitely be useful for you.

Here, we will consider another way of development that takes less time but costs more. You will learn about paid education app development services that make the whole process of programming easier and faster. Some of them even allow creating cross platform apps.

uBuild App

It  is a service that allows building simple applications with a guarantee to get your money back in case of being unhappy with a received result. Most apps, which are created by teachers, are free, but you may make your solution available for a particular price. In this case, a fee is a half of revenue. In the same time, if it  is free, then you do not have to pay extra money.

However, this service has some limitations, i.e. there is no possibility to make updates  one year after without paying an extra fee. The main advantage of this service  is that you can create an application right on your smartphone. So if you have some good ideas, then go build your first mobile software  that will be on a top of education keyword search. One-time fee for development and releasing is $329 without any recurring payments.

App Wizard

This is a service that allows building a user interface (UI) using an ordinary drag-and-drop principle. It makes the process that simple that any person, who is familiar with mobile applications at least in some way, will be able to become a developer.

Of course, such services are incomparable with traditional programming. Although, they provide a fully functioning tool that helps make an educational mobile app with simple functionality. So, due to this service, your solution will be able to account attendance and provide students with emergency notifications or important college news. Students will also be able to share homework questions or contact teachers regarding new course material. The main advantage of App Wizard is instant updating.

You can easily and fast correct the view or functionality of your application. They even provide assistance in development if you use this service. However, it has a recurring billing and it’s monthly’ charge is $99. However, you can cancel your subscription after you get assured your app is ready to go and it does not need updating or any improvements.

How to start (easy version): free services

There are also free services for app development with no coding involved. They are easy to use but provide limited possibilities. Due to free tools, you will be able to create simple mobile applications with no need to have any programming skills. In this case, a price for development is limited by the functionality of your future mobile solution.


This web tool allows creating of simple educational apps for kids. Applications, which can be made with AppMakr, have to be content based. In fact, free package lets build only a mobile version of your website and does not include any additional functionality. Cheap package (only $1 per month) allows users to make native Android apps and upload them to AppMakr Market, but not to Google Play. In order to create native iOS app and have a possibility to upload it to Apple Store, the user has to pay additional $18 monthly.

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a Google supported platform that allows to build a mobile application using a drag and drop principle. It has a wide functionality helping you customize the look of your app and get the best user experience possible. It is absolutely free, but it has one serious restriction: at MIT App Inventor, you are allowed to create Android apps only.

Opting for an Educational App Development Company

Selecting development agency is a right solution when money is the only source you are ready to spend – in the case when you are limited in time but need to get a complex mobile application with a wide range of features.

If you want to get profit on your app, and modern attractive user interface is crucial for your project, then experienced specialists are a right choice. Professional agency will be able to build an app that will correspond to all your requirements. It will get an attractive look and customers will have a positive user experience that will motivate them to continue using your application.


A total app cost depends on a research, effort and amount of time spent on programming. Desired functionality determines an effort spent on coding. It is worth mentioning that in the U. S., standard mobile apps without complex animation and flashy graphics cost approximately $5,000 – $10,000. This amount seems to be quite expensive for standard educational apps that is why you can look for specialists from other countries. Indian developers or a team from East Europe will cost you around $1,000 – $5,000.

Cloud storage, customization features, and interactive design increase the total cost of American development services to $2,000 – $25,000. Of course, the last digit is a rare case which happens only if you need a serious application that could compete with known leaders on the educational app market.

The aspects that influence a total cost of app development:

  • The operating platform (Android, iOS etc.);
  • Portfolio and company’s experience;
  • Company location;
  • Set of app features;
  • Design complexity.

As you see, there is no absolutely free app development. One way or another, you have to pay something depending on a resource kind you possess: whether it is money, time or you simply have no need for competitive and serious solution. So, if your main resource is money, then an app for students will cost you around $ 1,000 – $10,000.

Developers usually work on an hourly rate basis. It means the longer they create a code, the more you will pay. This is why it is so important either to monitor the development process and timing or hire the right and reliable agency.
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