4 Ways You Can Use Mobile Apps to Generate Leads

You cannot think of a successful business without the ability to track and generate leads. Huge enterprises used to implement different CRM systems to track their customers, deals, transactions, conversions and other parameters. The mobile world brings more effective and easy solutions.

Using apps to find leads has changed the way many enterprises run their businesses. Mobile solutions deliver an easiest way to generate and track potential customers and vice versa – mobile apps for generating leads are becoming more and more popular among companies.

A lead generation mobile app has turned into a vital component of the core CRM strategy. With so many great features, the product makes it possible to not only boost business when it is the right moment for that but also generate as many users as possible. In this article, we have highlighted 4 efficient ways to use mobile apps to generate leads.

How to Generate Leads with Apps?

Mobile applications can appear to be an effective way to boost productivity and company’s sales. They are vital for enterprises that are eager to accelerate and gain more revenue. When it comes to certain ways of generating leads with mobile app, they may range from simple tracking at a particular event to more complicated methods.

  1. Signing Up to Access the App

A signup form is a common feature for numerous apps. The idea is to make a subscriber indicate his or her name in addition to email and password in order to get an access to necessary content. On the one hand, such method is a good option from safety perspectives. On the other hand, businesses can also benefit from the signing up process, as it can help to generate valuable data from a potential customer.

It is up to you what type of information to ask for. Apart from the name and email address, you can request position in a company, phone number, enterprise name and other information. However, you need to keep the right balance, as plenty of information requested by the app may result in low level of users’ engagement. They may simply refuse to provide personal data.

  1. Generate More Personal Data

Apart from sign up forms, mobile applications come with some other great ways to encourage your potential clients to provide personal information. The key to success is in interactive features implemented in your app. They may include some entertaining options that come more as a gaming experience, for example:

  • sweepstakes;
  • personality tests;
  • trivia questions;
  • quizzes and feedback polls;
  • surveys and more.

Not only they help to get necessary data from a user but also deliver a more entertaining user’s experience. An app can be a part of the CRM storage system. Once user provides feedback on a product, he or she will be immediately delivered to CRM system as a lead. The more information you can get, the clearer picture you can benefit from.

  1. Leads at Events

If you are looking for an ultimate “breeding ground”, events are certainly the best bet. The idea to develop lead generating apps will let you capture necessary data by means of the mobile application within a particular event.

So-called event applications can come in various forms. It can be a personalized product designed for a particular event like a huge conference or a small workshop. As a rule, different events are assigned to their own applications. They form a huge network of services linked by in-app messaging tools and other features to capture users.

Some applications can be used to assign scores automatically or track the way a certain lead was acquired. It makes the process as efficient as possible. Combinations of award-winning features can be the key to success. For example, you can make your app stand out thanks to push notifications that notify a user in case if high-scoring leads appear in the given vicinity. Make sure such applications are able to run with no internet connection.

  1. Tracking Software is a Must

Apps tracking is a king. With so many tools and software, tracking can be easily implemented in the app and handle data recordings, detect channels and create reports describing all inbound leads.

Once you have all necessary information in your app, it will ensure sales staff and other departments that this data will always be at hand featuring a remote access in spite of the location. Such feature can come in handy at the meetings or online conferences.

Additional Tips for Using Apps to Generate Leads

Would you like to make the most of your lead generation? Would you like your app to perform it in most savvy way? Then you will appreciate some extra tools that will enable an efficient lead generation using mobile applications:

  • Content is a King – content makes the first impression about the company. For this reason, the app should deliver a content that really shines. Moreover, each piece of the content is supposed to be shareable for a better users’ engagement. Knowing your buyer persona here is essential. Otherwise you will never find out what content really works;
  • Widen Media Estate – if you are not aware of sources that really drive conversions, you spend money for nothing. Paid sources for generating leads are nothing but a waste of money. With so many channels like websites and landing pages, you need to constantly test each of them in order to define the most efficient source. Use different metrics to evaluate blogs, website content, articles on the landing pages, etc.;
  • Raise Your Qualified Leads – at this stages, you are supposed to have a clear understanding of the difference between sales- and market-qualified leads. If you know the difference, it will be easier for you to work out nurturing campaigns. Your potential leads will be aware of the product before handing them over for sales.
  • Test & Measure – the effective lead generation is possible only when you are 100% sure what tools really work and what do not. Track all your leads and keep in touch with customers, opportunities and marketing channels. Use different tools to provide optimized measurements, complete tests and analytics in order to track the results. Continuously repeat those processes to improve the lead generating engine;
  • Use Mobile Apps – once you’ve got some basics, it is high time we turned to AppExchange where you can find hundreds of applications for business. Some applications come up with campaign management tools in addition to measurement and testing means to handle media real estate and other facilities.

You can easily come up with your own application that is able to track ROI as well as other parameters related to marketing activities inside CRM system. Marketing automation app is also a good idea to grab the attention of your potential users. At least, such products are in huge demand for now.
Whether you need to develop an analytic or event app to generate leads, you will need professional assistance provided by certified developers. Here at Lunapps.com, we have a pool of programmers and testers who will bring your ideas to life and come up with a working version of the application you need. Contact us for more information about the development process and rates.