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Official web-site and mobile application of FOOTBALL FEDERATION OF UKRAINE
The Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) is a national association that was entrusted with powers to promote football development in Ukraine by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. FFU is a FIFA and UEFA member since 1992.

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Keep everything handy
Our platform performs efficient communication among b2c companies and clients. The platform is comprised of software designed for business management and mobile application for clients.

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Start auctioning and bidding for items you love!
Bidit is an exciting, free and trusted way to start auctions or bid instantly on your phone. Create auctions to sell your items and bid for deals anywhere.

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Text a Letter

Don't just send an ordinary letter - TEXT A LETTER!
This app provides a new way to stay in touch with your loved ones and brings the culture of paper letters back to the people in the twenty-first century.

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Have a Wander. Get inspired. Connect.
View fellow Gander users’ profiles and the social networks they wish to share. Create and maintain your own profile, sharing only the social networks you want.

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Smash the evil

The Evil is coming...
Minions, wicked monsters, have submerged the outer lands and approached the borders of Angie's kingdom.

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