Text a Letter

Don't just send an ordinary letter - TEXT A LETTER!
This app provides a new way to stay in touch with your loved ones and brings the culture of paper letters back to the people in the twenty-first century.

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● One of the main tasks was to develop an outstanding UI and UX for the app.
● Another challenge was to provide the users the possibility to pay for the ordered letters right from the app.
● Also we needed to create a Web-Panel where the client would have the possibility to review and process ordered letters.

What we did

● To provide a pixel-perfect UI we've developed a custom animations controller using M34 transformations in iOS.
● For payment processing we've integrated Stripe SDK to iOS app and BackEnd.
● The BackEnd was built using Node.JS with PostgreSQL.
● And the Web-panel was set up using BootStrap.

The result

About the project

● Send an actual, real life, 100% customizable personal letter from the convenience of your phone in a couple of minutes.
● Add a photo that will be hand drawn by actual professional artists.
● Address it then we’ll mail it to the lucky person on the other end.
● Bringing convenience to sending letters in the 21st century in a high quality, stylish and sophisticated manner is our mission.

Don’t just send an ordinary letter - TEXT A LETTER!

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