Start auctioning and bidding for items you love!
Bidit is an exciting, free and trusted way to start auctions or bid instantly on your phone. Create auctions to sell your items and bid for deals anywhere.

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First thing we did was form a list of requirements for Bidit:
● Make the process of auctioning as simple as possible
● Pixel-perfect UI with smooth animations
● Develop UX, that any user would easily understand – especially for creating new auctions.
● Create simple and easy-to-use filter system
● Fast and simple tools for searching and filtering
● Social media integration

What we did

To provide pixel-perfect UI, we've developed many custom elements, e.g.:
● Custom animations for onboarding tutorial
● Start auctioning screen with very easy UX and cool hints
● Easy and smart filtering system for items
● QuickBlox as Chat SDK between seller and buyer
● BackEnd using Node.JS and PostgreSQL
Admin-panel was set up using Bootstrap

The result

About the project

● Auction with a snap and win with a bid – start auction and bid for items you love.
● Auction your stuff in 3 easy ways – take a picture, list it and watch the bids come it!
● Bid for speed - Bid for your favourite items under 10 seconds –.
● Bidit is free – list your auctions and bid for items at no additional cost at all!

Start auctioning and bid for items you love!

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