5 Tips to Build Brand Awareness with Mobile Apps

Do you plan to increase brand awareness of your company or business? One of the best marketing strategies is to create a mobile app. You can say it cost a lot of money – but it will be with you for a long time, and how much money you’ll spend on the advertisements in the same time? Leveraging of the mobile apps is one of the main tips to gain brand awareness.

So let’s see what are the main tips to build brand awareness with mobile app!

1. Do your research

First of all, you need to understand what the main purpose of the app creation is. Will it be for advert your company, or to make them visit your website afterwards, or to make your services more mobile – make sure you understand it before developing process.

For example, using its new app Starbucks increased amount of app users for 1 million in just one quarter. In total mobile transaction are now 16% of all transactions made.
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2. Values are must for brand awareness

Always make sure your app represents your company’s values. Because to increase brand awareness with mobile app you need it to represent your business clearly.

Obviously it should be done in your company’s direction and represent exact ideas and missions. In this case brand building through mobile app will be easy and clear.

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3. Research competitors

Before actual creation, check your potential and existing competitors. Study their weakness and strength, what you can use to be better, to make your app outstanding.

Make sure to understand their marketing strategies, values and purposes. Opponents in the real business can have different priorities in apps and vice versa. You need to be better than others, so learn them carefully.

For example, Taxi Stockholm developed a unique app that followed the trails of locals and created a unique guide for tourists, and grew its clients base enormously – and they have a stiff competition with giants like Uber.
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4. UI/UX comes first

No matter what – don’t interrupt users with your adverts. Your potential customer will just leave the app, if they can’t see main functions under the endless stream of unimportant things.

Make navigation native and clear even for inexperienced users. Make your app beautiful and also useful and informative. You absolutely need to have a lot of necessary information in the small app, but don’t overload it. Like, just don’t. Nobody likes it.

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5. User-centric apps are win

Doesn’t matter, will it be an app for iOS or Android, iPad or iPhone, it should be always oriented on customers, because they are the reason you decided to create it in the first place.

Try to play with them, tell a story that makes them stay with you and not your competitors.

The main of brand recognition tips with mobile app is trying to see everything with customer’s eyes. If you make them love your app, they’ll stay with you for a long time – and bring their friends.
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In this article we checked how to increase brand recognition using mobile app. Every company and business has its own strategy, obviously, but mobile app can be a good idea for almost everyone.

If you follow our tips, you will be able to raise your brand awareness with your new app. Do you have any questions regarding building an app for your business? Just need help in creating an application? Write us in comments bellow or contact us here, we’ll gladly help you!