8 Steps to Create a Great Enterprise App

Mobile apps have become very common in our everyday lives and their impact will continue to be more evident with the time. Building application for potential clients is beneficial for both startups and developers, which can be confirmed by the work of many creators. With the demand, a currently increasing mobile development is a very profitable (if done correctly) and luckily today we delve into “how to create a good app or even a successful one?”.

What is a Good Mobile App?

There are so many applications out there and unfortunately, it is impossible to consider all of them as “great apps”. This begs the question: “What is a good app?”. Let’s get into this subject below.

The technology age has brought us so many creations. Among these, applications have really made an impact on how we run our day to day operations, encompassing fields that deal with leisure or more important to this article – the business industry.

There is no doubt that software that are developed for mobile devices have been received with open arms by people all over the world and this has transformed mobile development industry into a very profitable one. A good mobile app is one that:

  • Is effective in delivering its primary function;
  • Must be developed to meet the needs of the target audience;
  • Must run smoothly;
  • Avoid a complex nature.

Let’s  look at each of these aspects.

enterprise app development

Effective in delivering its primary function

Every application must be created to function as a tool that can accomplish one basic task. This is a very important rule and it is always a step in the right direction when it comes to software development project. However, this does not mean that great applications cannot be multifunctional. The goal is to make sure your mobile program can function efficiently to provide the service it was primarily designed for. It’s prior to making any upgrade or adding multiple features. According to Gartner’s seven types of customer’s experience projects, customer experience can be developed if existing work is audited first instead of paying attention to multiple features to improve customer experience.

Must be developed to meet the needs of the target audience

When it comes to creating a great software for mobile devices, companies and startups should put into the production and design a lot of thought and research. A lot of time must be invested in finding out what qualities the target audience would like in the app. There are so many developers that ignore this important rule: a poorly researched project will never impress the audience as a ready-to-go product.

Must run smoothly

An ideal application must be used without any concerns about it lagging or crashing. It should run smoothly and make the overall user’s experience as good as possible. However, creating mobile software that runs efficiently is not a simple task. A perfect application lets you eco-fit your smartphone so it runs more efficiently, for example, save your battery life. And sure, it has not to be annoying.


Avoid a complex nature

A great app should not be too complex and cumbersome. The goal is to make it as simple to operate as possible. This is usually neglected because many developers try to incorporate cutting edge technologies into their applications without really looking at the possible repercussions.

It has been confirmed that many users consider the simplicity of an app before they use it. Therefore many creators must work towards developing simple functionality rather than trying to create features that only ruin the user’s experience.

According to Statista survey carried out in the United Kingdom, 85% of users consider an application effective based on its usefulness. The above points clearly explain what makes a good mobile app.

Creating a Great Enterprise App

Knowing the qualities of a great product will guide you through the process of creating one. The following steps must be followed to develop a good app:

  1. Identify the problem you want to find a solution to

This very first step of creating a good mobile app is very important. You must be able to identify what kind of problem you are trying to address. Identify a problem and work towards creating a product or service that can provide a solution.

  1. Look for justification for your problem

There is no point trying to find a solution to a problem that is non-existent. That is why you should focus on solving problems people face every day.

This can be easily achieved by conducting a Google search or by making an online survey on what kinds of mobile apps people look for. A product or service has to be on demand in order to be successful, and the higher the demand, the better quality.

enterprise app development

  1. Identify all the characteristics you want your application to have

After you have confirmed a specific problem, you can begin to write down all the possible features you would like to add. This also includes the possible flows and the ways in which users can navigate through the app, and doing this will guide the developer during the creation process.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary features from your list

It is always advisable to have an application that is able to perform one function at an efficiency of 100%. Therefore, review your list to make sure all of the features you need for your mobile software are necessary.

  1. Create a design for your application

This step is very important in the creation of a great enterprise application and requires a complete understanding of what makes a good app design. It is very wise to remember that the appearance of the program should not be the sole focus in the process of designing. Make sure your product can be used on multiple devices and also prioritize the overall user experience.

  1. Look for talented app developers

This step really requires you to do your homework. An online search can give you a lot of important information about different types of companies that offer the particular service you are looking for and give you all their credentials. Create a list of the best developers you can find online and begin to narrow the list down to one.

  1. Register your application to the different online stores

This step will make your product or service available to the public. The biggest platforms that are currently in use are Google Market and Apple Store.

  1. Use features that help track product performance on the market

Make sure you are able to get feedback on how your application is performing. This includes the number of downloads over a certain period of time, ratings and user comments. This will help you come up with a list of features you can either add or subtract from your application to improve it.

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Check the best products and services of other companies that are currently in use. They all deliver what they promise and work well to satisfy the audiences they are built to serve. This article gives very precise information on how to make a good app design to the best features of a good app. If correctly applied your project might just be the next big thing.

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