9 Important Mobile App Development Tips

The whole world gone mobile, so clearly every business should count with it. Researches have shown big increase in using mobile apps for employees in order to save working hours and make all processes easier and faster. Want to have an app for your own company? Ready to be mobile? Let’s see which mobile app development tips can be used to make it better and smoother experience.

successful mobile app development tips

1. Requirements are must-have

The very first of development tips: you need to think about before creation what do you need your app for. What is the pain you need to relief? Is it for advertising your company or will you be selling something? Or it is just an internal application for your employees?

Once you understand that, you need to write down your requirements. Which features will be a must, which – just a cherry on the cake. Pick carefully.
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2. Users are everything

Now think about your customers. Why your app is useful for them? Easy access to your services? When you understand the main purpose – write it down.

Don’t forget to define your target audience. It’s a very important process. Maybe they all will be Android or iOS only users. Or most of them are iPad owners and don’t use iPhone. You need to understand your user first in order to create the best product.

Now you are ready to search for developers.

3. You wouldn’t want to pay twice

Sure thing, you don’t want to pay an enormous amount to create an app, but be careful with the price. If you find a very cheap team or individual, check – if their works are what you’d like to see in your app. And most important – if they understand and are passioned about your idea.

It’s very important to discuss everything before the start – wireframes, frameworks, technologies, APIs, SDKs. You wouldn’t like to be disappointed when your dev team says they don’t know how to develop some features. Be aware of ridiculously cheap or expensive proposals.

Remember that price doesn’t mean quality.
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4. UI/UX design is a key

How many times you’ve left maybe an interesting but awfully designed web-site? Sure, they may have amazing content and services, but who cares, if the only thing you can see is a neon flashing banner? Previously we wrote an article about design trends in 2016.

One of the most important tips for building a mobile app with the best quality – design should be simplistic, beautiful and native. Almost everybody has a smartphone now, but not all owners adapted them. So make their life as easy as possible – and they’ll definitely come back.

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5. Android or iOS

Another essential thing in app development best practices is tailoring design and overall user experience for exact platform. Don’t make iOS app look exactly like Android one – or vice versa.

Each system has its own features, guidelines and users love exactly them, if they choose it. Learn to love every platform you create for, and make your apps similar but different at the same time.
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6. Faster=better

Ok, so if you do something – do it at your best. If your app takes ages to download or if it’s constantly updating, no one will wait forever. The attention span is around 10 secs, so make sure you don’t bore customer out of his mind.

If you use native apps and know how to implement the newest features – that’s definitely useful for your app and overall experience. Make it faster, make it fly.

7. Online is not forever

Yes, Internet is now everywhere, but make sure your app creates good experience even offline. It’s very important in, for example, airplane and subway or somewhere in another country. People want to have what they like with them always, so help them.
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8. Test everything

One of the main development tips. Now that you have an app, don’t forget to test it for all possible and impossible bugs. Make sure to work with all comments users left – it will make quality assurance team’s life better and easier.

In the very end, if users wrote about a problem he had and you didn’t solve it, he’ll never come back. Never ever.

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9. Lifetime support

Don’t you dare to think you just created an app and that’s it. No way. You should constantly update it, track user retention, improve and overall let it live, not just exist.

If your app will not be changed through the time, it’ll quickly bore users out and that’s not a thing you’d like to happen. Make sure you have a deal with developers for post-release support or you will be stucked with unreadable code.
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That were Lunapps tips for developing a mobile app. Of course, there’re lots of development tips and for each exact case they are different. All in all, it’s obviously necessary to have an experienced team of developers to make your app come true.

More important is that the product should be created with great care about your customer.

If you have any questions about making your ideas come true or just need a tip about development write us in comments bellow or contact us here