The Benefits of Mobile App for SaaS Business

The software as a service application is ever-changing, and newer developments are simplifying how we perform everyday activities. SaaS (Software as a Service) allows users to access information at anytime and anywhere provided where is an internet connection.

This service is hosted by service providers that are in charge of updates, regulating databases, and maintaining servers. This model is more popular nowadays as compared to the on-premise model, especially in terms of pricing.

The main advantage of SaaS or the cloud is that it allows buyers to pay an annual or monthly fee, thus allowing for costs to be spread over a certain period instead of paying everything at once. Because of this, SaaS mobile app development is gradually becoming more popular. Additionally, Saas app development cost depends on many factors.


Key traits of successful mobile applications

Cloud-based SaaS mobile application development has features such as storage of data on multiple servers and subscription-based models. SaaS businesses have just recently adopted applications for a portable devices as a service that they provide. This has happened because for a long time apps were not considered as a main source of revenue.

However, with the ever-growing number of customers demanding apps, SaaS businesses are now turning to applications as an additional way of making profits. The major benefit of mobile apps is that they allow customers to still access vital data even if they are not in the office.

To stay competitive, you have to make sure you build an application that will be both useful and affordable for your customers. Key features of the best mobile app include the following:

  • It should have a useful purpose – it should be a product that can provide solutions to certain problems. If it fails to have a specific use, it will not be successful and will only end up being deleted.
  • It should be created for a target audience, for example, lawyers or healthcare professionals. This will give you the chance to have a successful app as it will be designed according to the needs of the target audience you choose.
  • For an app to be useful, it needs to be easy to use. Complex products usually cause customers to abandon them in an effort to look for more user-friendly solutions on the market. Try to keep it simple when you decide to make an app so that customers will find it both innovative, useful, and easy to use.
  • App should be able to meet up with the needs of all your customers, whether big or small businesses. That is why the main aim is to try to create a highly adaptable mobile app that will match up with the customer’s concerns and expectations.
  • Successful mobile application will cause your customers to share their experience with family and friends, which is a way of gaining new customers.  One way of ensuring you create an app that will cause users to share a positive experience is by using the user-centered design. This simply means using a target audience while designing your product. You can test the application during the mobile SaaS app development to see if the features have been helpful to customers.

So, what are the advantages?

For you to increase the customer numbers and improve contact with your current customers, you should use certain apps. They will help you to grow your business and increase efficiency and productivity in your business.

Several reasons exist why you should consider getting applications for your business, these include:

Faster communication

Mobile apps provide an easier and faster way of communicating with your customers. This allows customers to find your information since everything is included in the mobile app.


Reinforcing your brand

A way of increasing your brand awareness is by using apps. Customers will be loyal to you in the future because your app is a constant reminder that you are there. You can use your it to tell customers that you are important because of the special services you offer.

Increasing your customers

Because applications are easier to use, businesses applying them have more customers. This mostly occurs due to increased access to customers. Mobile app is the direct channel through which you can communicate with customers. Another way of maintaining your customers by using mobile apps is by offering them special rewards that will keep your customers coming back.

Reduced costs that boost your business

Apps reduce the costs of advertising, marketing, and staff requirements. Messages can be sent to customers at a faster speed, thereby saving time and money. Moreover, because mobile apps help you to get more customers and retain the ones you have, you can make more profits. This gives you the chance to grow your business.

Providing promotion for your business

Mobile apps can help you to promote your business and bring more customers to your business. This is especially true if you add irresistible offers that will draw the attention of many customers. You can use special features and ads campaign to widen the content and banners.

Helping you to stand out

Mobile apps help your customers to differentiate you from other competitors. This gives you an extra edge and will help you to retain your customers because you are providing something that no one else offers.


How much will it cost you?

Applications can be designed by SaaS app development company or you can decide to create your own from scratch. The cost of developing SaaS apps varies, mostly depending on the features you intend to have. Prices range from $3,000 per month up to $60,000 per month.

These all depend on the size of your business as larger enterprises have more funds to invest in app development. Also, remember that the development environment, that is Android or iOS, determines the overall cost of the final product. According to statista, the median cost to build a SaaS application on iOS platform in Canada/USA is currently $95 per hour.

How frequently you update your product is also another factor to put into consideration. For example, monthly updates can mean you’re paying a specific amount every month that will go towards updates. Startups usually have to pay up to $25,000 for simple applications while solutions with complex features may cost up to $1,000,000. Other spends may include updates which you should make yearly or every 6 months.

However, these prices are for businesses looking to develop their own applications. You can decide to use an app that is made by software companies as they can develop mobile apps for SaaS. This will be cheaper for you as you do not have to worry about making updates or any maintenance. Your software provider is responsible for this.

Additionally, different software companies have different prices. Most require a monthly subscription where prices may range from low as $35/month for each user and prices go higher.

Development and implementation of mobile apps

Before you start designing your own product there are a few things you should think about such as:

  • The purpose,
  • The target audience,
  • The features you want.

The process of making an application can be complicated. The following process will help you on your journey of creating a mobile app.

  1. Idea: planning helps you to stay in line with what you want your app to function. Another part of planning involves you identifying your target audience and knowing what app will be useful for them. Make sure to also plan every step of security for the mobile app.
  2. Strategy: Have a strategy on how you plan on making sure your designs come to life.
  3. Implementation: Implement your design with the help of approved devices.


Features of mobile apps that could be provided by a development company

Development companies can provide advanced solutions for mobile apps for businesses. A few benefits of working with such companies include the following:

  • The company usually provide frequent updates on the apps that are designed,
  • The company provide with UI designs, UX development, and Mockup design,
  • The company outline a step by step process of how the app is being made, as well as,
  • The development in accordance with the specifications that the client needs.

Additionally, clients are informed regularly, usually 1-2 times per week about the progress of the app. The company shows the designs and develops mobile solutions for both iOS and Android. Pricing will again depend on the features that you want it to have.


Using apps for businesses is becoming more popular. The greatest advantage of using a mobile app is the fact that it allows you to view important files or data from anywhere, at your comfort. Using mobile apps will increase efficiency and productivity within your business, a for startup company or a large enterprise.

The cost of the mobile app will depend on whether you have a custom made product built by your team or hire it from SaaS mobile app developers. The price of creating a mobile application can range from $25,000 if it is a simple application. More sophisticated apps can cost you up to $1,000,000, depending on which features you want to be in the app. Also, remember that you can use services of development companies like Lunapps to make the processes easier and faster.