How to Build a Cloud-Based Mobile Application?

Cloud based mobile app development has turned into a new trend over the last few years. For this reason, it is not surprising that different BaaS services are becoming more popular. Mobile Backend As a Service comes with a set of difficult and yet unknown tasks for startups.

This article will help to find the answers to such questions as how to create a cloud based application using available BaaS platforms, what is the cost to develop cloud based applications and more.

We are going to revise some of the most popular services, their pros and cons and possible alternatives. This type of development features its own structure. It differs from the typical development process.

You will learn about such crucial issues as cloud hosting. Our mission is to let you have a clear understanding of all possible risks. After reading this article, you will find it easy to decide whether you really need to build cloud application and what it is going to take.


How to Develop Cloud Based Application with BaaS Services?

The first thing we need to figure out is what BaaS actually is. Every time you come up with the idea to develop a prize-winning application, the process will call for the backend. It will let you cope with a greater number of tasks.

At the same time, you will need fewer services to complete them all. The main mission of BaaS is to reduce the time necessary for developing cloud based applications. The main advantage is the availability of SDKs and ready-to-go APIs.

However, choosing the right tool can be a challenge considering a wide option of BaaS platforms. We decided to divide them into two major categories:

  1. BaaS for consumer apps.
  2. BaaS for enterprise apps.

The first one considers cloud based app development of games, reservation services, dating apps and other branded mobile solutions. As for the second one, it mainly deals with heavyweight products for well-established companies and biggest names in the industry.


Whenever you need to get a successful cloud based mobile app solution, you need to consider the following set of vital features and functions:

  • Cloud based storage;
  • User administration & error analytics;
  • Push notifications;
  • SDK availability (at least for the leading platforms);
  • Background tasks and more.

Every above-mentioned feature should have its API for the easy integration into the mobile app. Choosing cloud based application development is a good idea in case you want to make the development process as easy as possible.

The Biggest BaaS Providers

The first thing we need to do is to choose appropriate services that will meet our requirements when building an app with a backend in the cloud. Here, you have two major alternatives:


  1. To choose a service like Amazon Web or Heroku with already hosted backend on the cloud. All you need is to have a skillful developer to write a code that will be hosted in the cloud service.
  2. To choose BaaS services that deliver a selection of necessary tools to create backend. In this case, you will have a chance to reduce the time necessary to complete the development process.

In the following part of the article, we will describe some of the most recognizable services that have proved to be efficient enough when dealing with the backend.

Kinvey Cloud Development Service

This platform appears to provide the highest speed to complete the development process. Kinvey is the pioneer among all other available BaaS services. It features a free version letting developers serve up to 200 active users at the same time. If you need a greater number, you can buy a premium package perfect for building mobile solutions for enterprises.

Kii Cloud Development Service

This platform is a good choice for startups aimed at developing a great app for consumers. The service delivers a set of the following features:

  • Geofencing and push notifications;
  • Various monetization models;
  • Analytics.

The platform is mainly focused on the IoT development. It features affordable prices if compared with other services of this type with the same set of features.

Cloud-Based Mobile Application

AnyPresence Cloud Development Service

The service comes with an online designer letting developers create different types of code. They may include:

  • Code for a mobile application;
  • Code for backend;
  • Mobile API code.

This platform is the best bet whenever you do not want to feel limited or restricted when bringing your idea to life. At the same time, AnyPresence makes the development process less complicated and time-consuming.

Sencha Cloud Development Service

If you prefer HTML5 development, Sencha is certainly a good option. You will hardly find a wider selection of tools in any other platform focused on building HTML5 mobile products. A free trial lets you check if the service meets your requirements. Pay attention that you can only serve up to 10 active users during the trial period.


Pros and Cons of Using BaaS Services

Let’s stress some of the key benefits when developing a cloud based application with the help of BaaS services:

cloud mobile

  • Every platform features its data storage admin panel. You are free to create new elements, view and edit them whenever you need;
  • The price is lower than you might think. Some services offer free trial periods or free versions with a basic selection of features. Paid accounts are affordable enough considering a wider set of features or extended storage in paid versions;
  • The final cost of the application is lower than you could expect. BaaS services obviously reduce the total price of the development process:
  • Building the app is less time-consuming thanks to a set of ready-made features available on any platform;
  • Simplicity and Speed – every time you use any service to develop an app, you will benefit from a higher speed mainly thanks to VPS. Working with cloud-based platforms is very easy. You will quickly get used to a new environment;
  • Scaling projects has never been easier before.
  • SDK requests will prevent you from writing a server-side code.

Using BaaS services may result in some slight disadvantages. They are not as crucial as they seem. However, they certainly need to be mentioned:

  • There is a slight possibility to damage the code. At the same time, there is always a risk of your API-key to be caught by the hacker. However, you can avoid any problems bounding the data directly to your account;
  • Cloud app development with BaaS may include some restrictions. You can be the most talented and creative programmer but you will never be able to overcome some limitations. At least for now.

Despite some of the drawbacks, using BaaS services is certainly a huge advantage whenever you need some high-quality backend in the cloud.


We have introduced some of the most popular BaaS services that will let you create cloud-based mobile products for your business. Using those platforms is very simple. At the same time, they call for some basic knowledge in programming. If you do not have time for extra education, the best bet is to hire proven specialists to handle the process.
Our company boasts a pool of talented developers and programmers who can cope with any task. We get the job done regardless of the project complexity and bring your ideas to life. We have already built dozens of successful cloud-based products for startups as well as well-established brands. Check our portfolio and contact us for more information!