Building a successful mobile app

Creating a successful mobile app is not an easy task. Otherwise anyone could do it. No one says it’s impossible. However, it takes lots of times and effort.

In this article we’ll give you some handy tips on how to build a successful app that have proven to be the most efficient. If your goal is to make a good app, keep on reading!

Successful app

Focus on what really matters

You might have countless ideas on dozens features your app’s gonna offer. You may try turning your app into sort of a silver bullet that can deal with a wide range of tasks.

However, the most successful apps have proven that it’s much more important to pick out a few things focus on them and constantly excel those few features. The most prominent examples would be Instagram and Snapchat.

Did you know that the cornerstone for Instagram developers was the moment when they decided to weed out all the redundant functions from the app and rebuild it from scratch only focusing on what really mattered – photos and everything about ‘em?

Here’s a quote from the founder Kevin Systrom: “We decided that if we were going to build a company, we wanted to focus on being really good at one thing.”

Be simple, be unique

This tip is basically is a synergist for the previous one. Meaning that if you set priorities, focus on them and at the same time keep your app simple and on top of all that stay unique, your efforts will definitely bring surprisingly generous rewards.

People like apps that are simple. It makes it easier to kick off using the app and equally important keep using it! So to say, simplicity is a virtue for a successful mobile app development.

At the same time try not to reinvent the wheel. Getting the best out of other app’s experience is by no means a good thing. However, you should still have a unique thing about your app, that would compel users to choose your application over thousands of others.

Keep it simple

Target a niche market

Shooting into a goal makes much more sense than shooting around in the air, doesn’t it? If you apply this to the app development business, it would mean something like “targeting a niche market of users makes much more sense than trying to please everyone”.

It’s a very useful practice to create an image of your potential customer. This will let you define some crucial characteristic of your future users. Therefore you will be able to concentrate on what really matters and get the most out of it.

Moreover, if you have a distinct idea of who you are gonna target, it opens up new horizons in many other areas. First of all, you can develop your marketing strategy in a way that every penny of your investments will give you a 110% of its potential.

There are countless upsides of targeting a niche market of users. That’s why we highly recommend not neglecting this vital step. Successful mobile app developers definitely pay attention to it.

Hit the target

User experience comes first

It’s hard to overstate how important user experience is to make your app successful. The better UX an app can offer the higher its users retention rate is going to get.

It’s only natural that people never come back to the apps that give them terrible first impression. And, of course, the first impression mainly comes from the app’s user interface as well as its UX.

To sum it up, be smart and take care of the most important things first. Developing a decent user experience is one of those top-priority things. Make sure to put enough time and effort into building up an awesome UX and UI working with cool artists.

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Develop a marketing strategy

The question is: How are you planning to create something great if you don’t know how it’s gonna look like and have no idea how you will be building it? The answer is obvious: there’s no way.

Surely each and every popular mobile app develops a robust business plan before “launching the rocket”. Not only it helps to define your goals more precisely, it also opens up new possibilities of getting your app more users.

That’s exactly why it’s crucial to create a strategic marketing plan before you are ready to launch the app. It doesn’t mean that the plan must be rigid and you should follow it no matter what.

In fact, it should be flexible and you need to be able to change it if necessary. Nevertheless, having a decent plan before kicking off the development process might be a lifesaver for your future app.

Marketing Strategy

Help people link and recognize

Your goal here is to create an image for users of your app being a synonym to the main thing it’s associated with. The very best examples of such images would be “Uber – taxi” or “Google – search” or “Instagram – photo”.

If you manage to convey this kind of message to people they will automatically turn to your app whenever they need the thing connected to the image in their heads.

This result can be reached by focusing on the main thing your app does and putting most of the energy into it. To help people recognize make sure to use an icon that would make people think of your app’s essence.

Help people recognize

Find a better and cheaper solution

If your app’s goal is to create an alternative way of doing something as a substitute for some real life service, this tip will come in quite handy to you.

Let us give you a few examples of this kind of apps: Uber gradually substituted regular taxis. From Uber’s experience we can see that successful app developers come up with a solution that was both better and cheaper than the real life analogue.

Another example would be WhatsApp. People can still make international calls by simply using their phones. However, using WhatsApp is a better and cheaper solution to do this.

If you manage to come up with an app that would offer a both cheaper and better solution to a problem, your chances for popularity will jump up tremendously.

Uber App

Make full use of MVP

MVP (Minimum viable product) is a product with just enough features to make assessments on how the app’s main features work. Using this strategy will help you focus on developing what’s most important first.

The basic idea is starting an app that would only feature vital functions and iteratively develop them in pursuit of excellence. This kind of model will give you the possibility to create an app that can offer high-level experience for its most vital features.


We listed the most crucial tips on how to make a successful app. You can apply those things regardless what platform are you targeting: iOS or Android.  All you need is to go ahead and try them out. Once you put them into life, you’ll be able to fine tune the process for your particular app.

If you have any questions regarding your future project, feel free to contact us. We kick asses when it comes to developing apps with smart custom design!