The top priority that IT and business decision makers stay focused on now and heading into 2017 is an outsourcing service. What matters the most is that small and medium businesses – the backbone of the economy – have been responsible for creating two out of every three new jobs worldwide.

And that got us to the point of outlining an area that plays a key role for startups, business owners and outsourced business partners. The business world is calling for collaboration. And building a great video chat app is making that possible.

An outsourced workforce and business environment will be increasing, and companies and employees need to be able to work via any device, anyplace and anytime, whether from home or abroad, or from a coffee house. And the WebRTC project is the biggest revolution in communication that allows voice and video calling to be embedded directly in browsers and help users to speak with ease over the internet.

Applications and open-source API standard can be used in direct audio calls, video-chatting and file sharing. It will help communication process go better and smoother. The excellent options here, that such conferencing will give an affordable access to connections and will replace the face-to-face meetings in the hiring process.

As a second point, it seems clear that video-chatting has been around for a long time. Though, this is the golden age for innovation and a lot of new technologies coming up in front of the users. A peer-to-peer video conferencing are making the huge changes to the way companies communicate. And when it comes to the modern video chat there are many new and exciting trends which keep coming.

Set little goals along to the way to help you stay on track. The best way to do so is to concentrate more on a crisp and simple design that gets out of your way when you don’t need it. Creating that design is the key thing you have to revolve around when developing a video chat app. We’ll look into the WebRTC project for you and outline some crucial steps and features, so you can achieve awesome results in making the best video chat application.


Overview of WebRTC Media and How It Can Help

Accurate real-time communication (WebRTC) allows many people to join the call from various locations. The clean code sample for WebRTC helps quickly put calling features to the Android or iPhone applications, and activate a calling function that has qualities common with Skype. Plus, WebRTC makes it simpler for developers to put customer service chat on the web. Besides, the technology provides peer-to-peer audio and binary data directly between browsers.

In addition, the significant issue for the web is to compound voice techs and video without applying browser plugins and paying for these features. And the WebRTC project sets standards for plugin free voice, video and data communicator. Presently, lots of services already utilize WebRTC including Skype and Facebook etc.

The WebRTC based voice and messaging solution is a great technology and the main API provider to actually apply, particularly if you are considering to develop video chat app on iOS or create a video chat on Android of your own. And if you’re looking for other ways to obtain, the PubNub, Since and OpenTokRTC techs might be additional approaches worth seeing.

For example, the PubNub data stream processing provides 70+ data streaming Software Development Kits for website, and apps. Sinch it helps to create infrastructure for P2P communication, video-calling and HD audio supporting cross-platform integrations.

And the OpenTok RTC platform has been launched by Mozilla as an experimental feature. It also makes possible to connect users peer-to-peer and easily add live video, voice and messaging to the web, iOS, and Android apps.

The way of how users connect is unique for business savings, primary, if considering the server costs. Here is what the WebRTC free project package includes:

  • P2P connectivity, audio and data streaming
  • Video streaming for live chatting
  • Gathering network data and swapping it with the RTC clients
  • Reporting mistakes, starting or closing sessions
  • Exchanging data about media


Main Points to Consider When Developing Your Video Chat App

Target Audience

When you build an app, make sure it’s safe to make a video conferencing call. You have to consider all things from investing in measures to boost and strengthen the data encryption to making sure the design is excellent. Honestly, you need to know all along your basic requirements and marketing tactics for a project considering your target audience needs.

When we talk about the target audience, customer service is the other important stuff you have to include in your to-do list. Understanding your target audience needs and know how to reach them first, as such chatting appeals more to trendy and upscale users, are the key to any campaign.

After, it’s better to implement a simple application prototype testing with defined target audience in the design phase to prove the validity along with the accuracy of your app even before hiring the professional employees to work on the project.


Video Chat App Features

To develop an outstanding video conferencing app and provide superb and more appealing experience, consider to apply good application features and functionalities:

  • Group Calling – a great feature for on-the-go conferencing that supports up to fifty users per call. It also possible to organize P2P (peer-to-peer) connection including various roles as speaker, listener or moderator;
  • If you wish to develop a video conferencing app, don’t forget to include comprehensive security services;
  • Add PDF annotations and presentation sharing;
  • Make it possible to do screen and desktop sharing, so any document can be displayed on your device or computer;
  • Help customers to preview the incoming calls with a Video Viewer feature;
  • Text messaging functionality;
  • Add custom filters, doodles, animations and other different effects;
  • Make possible to view and leave comments on videos or pictures;
  • Brighten up chats with Instant Voicing or Video Messaging.

Head over to the app security and learn more how to protect your users due to possible lack of customer privacy when allowing someone unauthorized access to the users’ accounts. Additionally, clarify how to protect data sharing and gathering, or how to help to rid of annoying ads that have hijacked their accounts.


Video Chat App Design and Concept

Video chatting applications look definitely similar to each other and there is not much you can do about it even there is no point of being that creative. Let us explain why. To make an outstanding app, you just need to keep the user interface simple, fast and clean in space constrained environments. It’s crucial to develop a good contact book and callers list to be able to chat at a glance and make things easier. If you want to set apart the screen into equal parts, it’s better to set it up considering it meets the Skype standards.


How Much Does it Cost?

There are many various kinds of applications you can build, but the main question is always remaining frozen – how much does it cost to build a video chat app? Usually it all depends on time, space, spec and availability.

Choosing the proper way is clearly specific to each company’s aims. Primarily, if to consider that the price depends on your choice when selecting an application whether it’s the iPhone or Android app, or we are talking about other app implementation and devices options that you plan to maintain.

Next, you can add various custom features at cost-effective prices, but remember, advanced functionalities will be calculated apart. As an example, building voice and chatting room with crisp and appealing design for your application can cost around $8-10,000 if you opt for outsource development companies and $20-30,000 for local developers. If you would like to get more significant project with advanced video conferencing app functionality, it may double development costs.

Sure, at the first place, you have to get acquainted with the video chat app development prices. If you are looking for more information or want to overview the price of projects, contact us. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and start delivering profitable IT-solutions to you right away.