How to Create an Internet of Things (IoT) Application?

The IoT market is emerging rapidly. Driverless cars, smart homes, and even smart cities are no longer being referred to a science fiction. They have become a reality. The Internet of Things is changing the world in all its spheres from the automotive industry to retail and HoReCa. Fast-food restaurants use drones for delivery, IoT solutions are implemented in logistics, energy and resources, healthcare and other fields.

The day when IoT platforms will meet the mobile market was only a matter of time considering almost $8.5 billion of connected devices across the globe. IoT development has grown into a new technological trend. On the one hand, it is a huge step forward in addition to a higher level of services delivered to customers. On the other hand, IoT application development provides great opportunities for startups to generate revenues taking into account $82.79 billion worth for connected cars by 2022, for example.


Reasons to Invest in IoT Developers

Summing up, it is certainly a good reason to develop Internet of Things apps. They are believed to deliver advanced benefits directly to users making their lives easier. The benefits for users may include:

  • Real-time data monitoring;
  • Breakdown prevention and prompt assistance;
  • Increased safety and efficiency in different fields;
  • Remote control and flexibility.

For startups, building internet of things apps may come with the following advantages:

  • Huge monetization potential – while major apps on the App Store and Google Play are free or cost less than $1, IoT products are priced higher. Businesses do not have to think how they can monetize the product. Just sell it on the App Store and gain profit;
  • Great partnership opportunities – IoT is the major issue for all leading companies in spite of the market. From IKEA ¬†with its VR store and Amazon to IBM and Intel, all brands are looking for efficient solutions for the Internet of Things. Build the one and team up with a leading company in the niche or get funded;
  • Data collection – IoT platforms generate data on any issue. From users’ information to device specification, you can easily benefit from the most valuable insights effortlessly;
  • Becoming the first mover – it is the best time to enter the IoT market and develop IoT apps with more innovations in a particular niche.

Applications for the Internet of Things can help in many different ways. For example, some existing products are focused on GPS and navigation features while others provide essential monitoring tools letting users take control over equipment, multimedia, and home appliance.

What is the Best Way to Develop IoT Apps?

The IoT technology is becoming more and more affordable each day. At the same time, the technology itself grows in complexity featuring endless sensors, networking chips and other things to ensure data transmission.

For this reason, you are supposed to build the app that is able to respond and interact with other connected devices creating a single chain. In other words, your products are supposed to work in tandem with other connected devices ranging from cars and airplanes to TVs and microwaves.

With so many available tools to build Internet of Things application, you first need to consider the following tips before you launch the development process.


The IoT App Level

First of all, you need to realize how your future app will interact with the entire IoT system. How should it work? What functions should it have? What missions should it fulfill? Avoid common mistakes and do not think about the app first. Think of the devices it will use.

When you have the answers to those questions, you will have a clear understanding of hardware and other layers necessary for the project. You will be able to decide on infrastructure and data management. Data processing is the key function of any IoT product. You need to understand how the processing will be organized and what top level your end user will be able to see. A top level is actually the application itself.

Opt for Readymade Platform

Although the Internet of Things is developing vastly, there are still many unknown issues as well as unanswered questions. Building the app from scratch is a challenging task. You never know how it will actually work. For this reason, many developers use already existing IoT platforms. They come with a higher security level. They are fully equipped and have all necessary analytic tiers.

Developers have a range of readymade platforms to choose from. They are delivered by such well-established names like Xively, Ubidots, and others. Apple and Google are preparing their own platforms as well. Microsoft has already released its Intelligent System Service. Building an IoT app from scratch is extremely difficult. This is why you need to consider some kind of a third-party help.

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Make a Scalable Application

The next step is to make your application scalable. The IoT changes along with the surrounding world. We cannot even imagine how the Internet of Things will evolve in the nearest decade. For this reason, you need to come up with a product that can be easily scaled up to follow the latest IoT trends. At least, you will be prepared for any changes.

Consider a Wider Market

Another common mistake many startups make is that they are unable to look at a bigger picture. It means they are mainly concentrated on a single niche limiting their products. The Internet of Things has no limits so does IoT app.

Providing highly specific functions is certainly good. However, IoT nature calls for an over-the-edge communication. If you build an app for IoT cars, it should be also able to interact with security services, etc. In other words, you need to have a broader focus on the development process.

Security Features

In spite of all obvious benefits, the Internet of Things has one major pitfall that is related to security issues. Some companies realize the necessity of IoT platforms but they are still afraid to implement them due to security malfunctions, hacking possibilities, etc.

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The Cost of IoT App Development

App building costs will depend on the complexity of the product. Application size, features, and functionality matter when it comes to calculating the price. Although the costs of developing an IoT-based product can be rather high, there is a way out. Crowdfunding projects are becoming more and more popular today. The only thing that will definitely ensure your success in spite of the budget is how relevant your future solution will be for the end user.

Infrastructure is the second parameter that has a great influence on the development cost. People use a wide array of different gadgets and connected devices. Each of them requires some more complicated system support. This fact makes IoT investments rather expensive especially when it comes to bug fixing and testing.

Safety and security tests are of main priority. Developers are supposed to meet established safety standards. At the same time, customers are well aware of authentication requirements. Every product needs to be certified when it comes to the Internet of Things. The same situation is with wearables and mobile applications, of course. Such certification may also involve some spending.

Here at, we handle projects of different complexity. Whether you need to build a simple app for the Internet of Things or a complicated IoT-based mobile solution, we will implement advanced technologies and individual approach to every customer. Have a look at our portfolio to check some of our successfully completed projects.