How to Create a Law Firm Mobile App?

Technologies have come a long way and every day new products continue to emerge to help us simplify our jobs and lifestyle approach. One of the greatest inventions is the mobile phone and with this device, we can perform a vast range of activities that we would have never thought possible.

There nothing better than having the opportunity to check your emails or view other important documents on something small as a mobile phone. With mobile phone apps, you can do so many things, almost as many as you would with a desktop. Moreover, statistics state that the most customers prefer using apps as compared to those that browse online. Using an app simplifies the searching process and gives you the exact information that you are looking for.

With this, you spend less time going through loads of links just to look for specific information. It is for this reason that many companies are now using mobile apps to get ahead in their business. In this article, we will provide you with the tips on how you can create a law firm mobile app for your company.


Why You Need a Law Firm Mobile App

There are so many reasons why you need to consider getting apps that will help you at your firm. After considering the points below you will see the importance of these mobile apps and why you need to get one for yourself. These apps are very useful since they:

  • Help you to increase efficiency in your law firm,
  • Help you to manage clients in an organized manner,
  • Improve the productivity of your law firm,
  • Increase client satisfaction,
  • Help you to easily share information with your employees,
  • Allow you to collect information and keep in touch with your clients,
  • Can be used to help you advertise your law firm to potential clients,
  • Keep you a step ahead of your competitors,
  • Help you to keep content in one place and allow you to access it easily,
  • Make it easier for your clients to access any new updates cases.

Building Custom Law Firm Application

There are so many different types of mobile apps that can be used at your firm. Apps can be divided into the ones that are customer related and those that can be used internally for your firm. Creating a mobile app can be a daunting task. However, if you want a simple application you can easily create one for free or at a low cost. On the other hand, if you want one with special features you might need to consider getting help from a professional developer.

There are so many software companies out there that can develop a mobile app for law firms. The cost to develop an app for lawyers will depend on the features that you want for your mobile app. Some developers offer lesser charges while others take more money. The price for building a mobile phone app range from $10,000 to $100,000.

If you decide to design your own law firm apps, you can use ready templates. Such templates can be used for startup businesses – using pre-build templates reduces the costs and thus, you may end up paying from as low as $400 to $3,000 for a mobile phone application. However, using templates limits your ideas and prevents you from adding certain features that you want.

zoho crmAlso, there are so many different tools that you can use for your help, examples are the ShoutEm, Zoho Creator, Swiftic, etc. Note, before you create a law firm mobile app for your organization it is necessary to know the exact reason you want to use it for. This is because different apps have different features and functions. For example, if you want to create one for lawyers you might want to add law books. Therefore, the price will depend on the number of lawyers at your firm, the app’s purpose, and functionality, and features you include.

More Tips on How to Make an App for Lawyers

Creating a lawyer mobile app depends on what lawyers in your firm want to use it for. Examples of functions of lawyer applications include:

  • Advertising your law firm,
  • Referral generation and retaining clients,
  • Encouraging loyalty from clients,
  • Helping to improve time management,
  • Promoting better ways of managing funds.

Also, consider the security needs of your application. This is to ensure that you meet the privacy terms required by the state and provide security for your firm and clients.


Mobile Apps for Attorneys

These apps help to simplify the overall work at your law firm. The main characteristics may:

  • Permit lawyers to communicate with other employees,
  • Act as recruiting tools and help attorneys to organize events,
  • Allow to take notes during a meeting or save new information easily, making recordings of meetings to review them later,
  • Provide an easier way of storing information with the voice to text,
  • Provide an environment to easily store and manage files and documents about specific cases,
  • Allow you to sign contracts on your phone thus saving you time.

All these features will help you to be more time efficient and thus improving the overall productivity of your company.

An important feature that you can add to your app is a document library. With this, both you and your employees can work wherever you go at any free time. Instead of carrying around law books, you can just have them in your phone and this will allow you to read them whenever you have time and in any place which is convenient for you.

This creates an environment in which you do not even need to spend so much time flip and open a book. Adding these features will help you to build a mobile app for attorneys.

Mobile Apps for Clients

Not only there are legal apps for lawyers, but there are some that can be designed for clients to provide them with better services. This is how you can let your clients know what kind of the services you provide.

You can use legal mobile apps to share new developments and information in your cases, as well as files with your clients. Apps can help you to set up meetings with clients and thus save you the time it takes to call and ensure that both sides are free and available on a specific day.

Additionally, mobile apps will help to increase the credibility of your law firm and will drive loyalty. This will make you a major contender in the law business. Features of apps for clients include:

  • Integrating an app with your website,
  • Tools that help you share updates with your clients,
  • Storage in form of cloud,
  • Information easily through FAQs, and much more.

Other features may help you to notify clients about new changes or emergencies through notification in a built-in chat. This will prevent your clients from spending a lot of time just trying to get to your law firm. It even helps you to send them urgent notifications or updates. Here is a simple way you can create an app for clients using templates:

  • Pick the template of your choice,
  • Customize your app by adding the features that you need,
  • Publish your app to Android or iOS stores.

With the ready templates, making an app is easy. Plus, it saves you time as you can do it within a matter of minutes. Moreover, there are interface features that you may need to install on your screen:

  • About us – you can add a picture of lawyers on your landing page to let potential clients know that you are welcoming them and it would be easy to work with you.
  • Contact screen – this allows you to place contact information so that clients can readily reach you, especially, in emergency situations.
  • Free tips screen – this can be in form of FAQs and will be helpful for clients as it enables them to get crucial information without waiting for a long time or searching endlessly on the internet.
  • Appointment screen – this feature will help clients to describe their case shortly and set a date on which they can meet you.

law firm app development


Mobile applications will improve the overall productivity of your firm and will help you to get more customers and retain the ones that you already have. Apps will also help lawyers to be more efficient without wasting both funds and time.

In short, you do more with less money and time. It is for this reason that you should invest in a mobile app that can be used by your clients, lawyers, and attorneys. The costs of making a mobile app for your law firm range from $400 to $100,000. It depends on your business requirements and needs.

Also, it’s good to remember: ensuring that the customers stay satisfied is one of the major priorities of any business. Good services will not only lead to you retaining clients but will also help you to gain new ones!
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