How we started from developing a car rental mobile app and ended up building a car rental website

Is your purpose going beyond the market of mobile apps and get to each and every who has the internet access? Then keep on reading!

The other day we got an offer from a businessman from Dubai who said he really liked our mobile apps. He has a car rental business in United Arab Emirates, so he wanted us to create a car booking web app.

Our client was interested in an app that would give an easy way of viewing available cars and allow ordering them as simply as possible.

Luxcar Car Rental Website

A sudden change of direction

Before kicking off the actual car hire application development we’ve done a thorough research on the search queries related to expensive cars through search engines as well as via mobile stores (Apple Store and Google Play).

It turned out that looking for an expensive car rental isn’t a very common thing to do, that’s why people are much more likely to use Google instead of trying to find a particular app for this purpose. So we came up with an extravagant idea.

Our team decided to make an offer our client wouldn’t expect from a mobile app developers – we suggested developing an elite car hire web app! This would allow us targeting both mobile platforms and desktops.

Despite our switch to the web here, we managed to keep the unique LunApps style. Our team created a website with great, minimalist UI and, of course, added our favorite smooth animations!

In this article we’re gonna lead you through our elite car hire web app development. Our team used some handy solutions from other developers you might be interested in. Let’s get started!

Requirements to the app

Before kicking off the app development we needed a plan. If you want to build something robust you need a good solid basis. Luxury car rental web app development isn’t an exception.

So together with our client we created a list of requirements. Here they are:

  • develop a simple and easy way to view available cars
  • make the process of car rental as simple as possible in order to increase conversion
  • make the site run on any browser on any device, equally important – make it look good for all kinds of screens.
  • develop UX, that any user would easily understand
  • use smooth custom animations

What we did


According to the first requirement on the list we did our best to implement a simple and easy way to view available cars. For this purpose we used a thought-out and smooth solution developed by the guys from codrops.

The navigation is made of two nested lists: car brands and particular brand models. On choosing a car from the list the side menu gets folded and the page switches to the detailed description about the selected car.

Car Rental Website Navigation

Keeping it simple for mobile

Simplicity is a virtue. We did our best to make the interface for our mobile adaptive page as simple as possible. However, all the functions including turning the photos over were saved.

And again our friends from codrops did a great job by helping us out with a ready-to-go solution. They really made our car rental website development much easier by giving us such cool goodies.

Car Rental Website Mobile View

Of course, we didn’t forget about the tablet owners. They are getting a great UI along with UX as well!

Renting a car

One of the most important requirements of our client was making the process of a car rental as simple as possible for a user. We like to think that we pulled it off.

Instead of creating a cumbersome form with lots of redundant fields we decided to keep it simple and only ask for the vital information. After all, our goal is luxury car rental website development, not creating a payment system with lots of security questions.

Once a website user sends a request our client gets an email. After that they can process the order and communicate with the customer. No registration required. As easy as that.

Expensive Cars Web App - renting a car

Main features

UX as a first priority

It’s a well-known fact that user experience is a crucial part for every app. In fact, it’s the first thing a user estimates when checking out your application. Some of those users might never come back because of the bad first impression.

That’s exactly why a decent UX is on the requirements list for each and every app developed by LunApps. This project is not an exception.

We did our best to make navigating through the website as easy as pie. On top of that we developed simple systems for picking out available cars and renting them.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a LunApps app if it didn’t have our smooth custom animations.

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Viewable from any device

Our client listed this requirement as a top priority. The goal was to make the site run on any browser on any device – would it be an iPad running iOS or an Android mobile phone.

Basically the app was desired to be cross platform. At the same time the application was expected to look good for all screen sizes.

Car Rental Web App Adaptive Design

For this purpose we developed a few different versions of the web-site featuring different layouts: a mobile version, a tablet version and, of course, a desktop version. All the versions offer full list of main functions.


This elite car hire website development has been a really interesting experience of using our mobile native development skills on the web platform.

It goes without saying that web applications can’t have as responsive design as their native mobile “colleagues”. However, we made the switch for a reason – targeting the widest market niche possible.

It was pretty unusual for us to restrict ourselves from using all kinds of animations and features, but our main goal was making the website run smoothly on each and every device.

As a result we got a highly targeted application, which wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t make a decision to step out of our comfort zone.

If you have any questions regarding your future project, feel free to contact us. We kick asses when it comes to developing apps with smart custom design!