General App Development Misconceptions

Different mobile devices are everywhere and, of course an app is amazing way to help almost anybody’s business. So it’s only natural that app development is very popular.
Surely, there are lots of myths about app development, from people who can’t even imagine the process of development for Android or iOS, for iPad or iPhone.
We often hear general misconceptions of app development projects from our clients, so let’s see, what really stands behind app development misconceptions.

TOP-6 common misconceptions about app development

1. Fast and Furious

For an unknown reason, some clients think app development is an easy-peasy process. They think Instagram and Facebook were developed in 24h, so they also want their apps this fast – and even faster. You’re a wizard, Harry!
It’s definitely a wrong concept. Developers make some magic, of course, but even the most skilled ones need much more time in order to create a big app. Sure, if you only want the main screen and that’s all – feel free to get that.
And also prepare to say goodbye to any clever developer. Remember – nothing good can be created fast. And you wouldn’t want to pay for such bad work.

2. Clever or greedy?

You may think that you can hire a person or a team with $6 hourly rate and get an ideal product for your company. You may also hope they will be able to finish within deadlines and provide you with the exact thing you needed. Sounds amazing? Yes, and also wrong.
Of course, sometimes miracles happen and you may be the Chosen One with the cheapest app ever created. But more often you’ll just need to go through the hiring process once again and spend more money, than if you’d hired a skilled team from the start.
So we advise you to think twice before agreeing to a suspiciously low price.

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3. Quality doesn’t matter

Well, that, of course, can be true. If you just want to throw your money away, that is. If not – better think twice. Try to imagine yourself as your own client. Would you like to be treated as something unimportant? That’s how customers will feel themselves using such an app.
Want to attract clients – make sure you create amazing experience for them. We create apps with great retention rate.  How we know this info? Here’s the answer.

4. Developer Almighty

Okay, let’s get it straight – even genius programmers cannot do every single unbelievable thing in the world. That’s one of the main mobile app development misconceptions. Of course, some features are so amazing and yet not discovered and may be the greatest thing ever, so ideas are always welcome.
But if you want to have an app in its finest, try to find a solution together with the development team. You won’t be disappointed.

5. iOS is the only one

Again, that might be true – if it’s some kiosk type app, or specially adopted for iOS. But in general it’s always better to have both options – iOS & Android. Because, let’s face it, if only one person has an Android, the whole group of friends will try to find an app that works for both platforms.
And you’ll never see them again in your app. Simple as that. Of course, you can do that not from the start and not for the MVP of your startup, but still – it’s always better to have apps for different platforms, if possible.

6. You pay only once

While it can be partly true, you need to seriously consider long-term relations with developers. Why? Systems are updating, new technologies appear on both iOS and Android, they have different design, more features – like 3D touch on the newest iPhones 6s, and your app obviously will need to look up to date, modern and functional.
For example, take a look at our article about newest mobile design trends. So you’ll definitely need updates every now and then, bug fixes and everything. And developers don’t do free after-release support for a long time.
It’s better to hire an adequate team, who writes readable code once and can support their work for a long time – or you’ll spend lots on bug fixing for cheap developers. Whichever you wish, of course.


So we checked the TOP-6 mobile development common mistakes, according to Lunapps. Of course, there’re a lot of them – from developers and clients both. But with those in mind you will have a little bit better understanding of the process from inside.
If you have any questions regarding development process, want to know time or price for your dream project – write us in comments bellow or contact us here!