How to Get Feedback on Your Mobile App

Every year mobile app developers pay more and more attention to their customers. They are willing to get as many happy users as possible. Nowadays customers are much less often associated solely with dollar bills.

In fact, users make much bigger difference for your mobile apps than just generating profit. They can leave feedback. And if you can make them happy they are very likely to leave positive feedback, which in turn will bring more customers to your app.

And even if you get negative feedback, there’s no need to get depressed. This is a good opportunity for you to assess the situation and improve your app. And you should think of it as of a golden opportunity!

Thanks to those bad reviews you got yourself a ready-to-go list of your app’s flaws, so to say, straight from the horse’s mouth. The only thing left is to start working on the things your users aren’t happy about.

Get feedback for mobile app

In this article we’ll explain why reviews are so important for your app as well as give you some handy tips on how to get the craved for feedback. Why wait? Let’s get it started!

Why it is important

Apps are created for people. This thing is pretty obvious, however, the most important things are usually ridiculously simple yet hard to grasp.

If you’re creating your app for users the best way to know whether they’re satisfied, and what needs to be improved, is simply getting reviews from those users. It’s a no-brainer, however, some developers don’t pay attention to it.

By receiving feedback not only you’ll get some crucial opinions and suggestions on your app’s performance, but taking those reviews into consideration and replying to them you’ll also make your customers feel important.

This way you are very likely to build a strong community of those golden active customers that are gonna help your business grow and flourish. Developing this kind of long-term relationships is really important for any mobile app.

Now that we figured out that feedback is literally crucial for your app, it’s time to find out the ways to build your getting buttloads of feedback strategy!

Get the customer feedback for mobile app

Wait, there’s one more thing…or two

First thing you gotta know is that there are two types of people who’ll ever use your app: active customers and passive customers. So we got two types. What do we do next? Let’s take a closer look at each of those kinds of users.

Active customers

This type of customers are the ones that always make sure to share their opinion in any possible way. They’ll let you know what they think whether it’s a positive review or frustrated criticism.

To give you some analogies, active customers are like nuclear power. They can both be force for good and bring disaster. It’s like that story about two types of wolves you choose to feed, remember?

If you make sure to listen to the active customers feedback and do everything possible to make them satisfied, they’re gonna make the best marketing campaign for your app. And it’s not gonna cost you a dime!

However, if you irritate active customers and make them frustrated, they’re gonna be the first ones to speak their negative feelings out. The bad thing here is that getting bad reviews can scare off thousands, even millions potential customers from your app.

Get mobile app feedback

Passive customers

This kind of customers makes up a large majority of all users. These are basically people who won’t leave neither positive nor negative feedback. They either don’t want to or don’t care enough. Anyway, it’s pretty hard to get any reviews from this type of users.

These customers are basically a riddle for developers. Are they happy with the app? Are they not happy? Why do they quit using my app? How can I make them stay? Unfortunately, there’s very little chance to get answers to those questions from passive customers.

However, there are ways to try and switch the balance and turn some of the passive customers into the active ones. For that to happen you need to make sure leaving feedback is as easy as pie for users.

Besides, you need to learn a few tricks of how do you ask users to leave feedback. Next paragraphs are gonna give you plenty of tricks and you’ll get lots of useful pieces of advice on how to get the customer feedback for mobile app.

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How do I get the feedback?

Finally we got to the part where the sweet treat is gonna be handed out. We defined three most important things you have to consider in order to get mobile app feedback.

Wanna feedback? Ask for it!

Obviously, the easiest way of getting feedback for mobile app is to ask for reviews by either offering to fill out feedback forms or simply rate your app. However, you don’t wanna mess it up by rushing your users into leaving feedback too soon. The most important thing here is to find the right time to ask for a review.

Lots of app developers make a  big fat mistake. They will prompt for a review after a few hours of app use or simply at the wrong time (typing a message, playing a level, etc.) This way developers risk to annoy users, which in turn might make them never come back.

Get app reviews

A good example of the right strategy of asking for reviews is a to-do list app called Clear. They only ask for feedback after the user has used the app for a few weeks. That’s a very good period of time for this kind of app!

By that time users are probably satisfied with the increase in productivity, hence they are very likely to share their positive opinion on the app and it’s usefulness. Make sure to not only be asking for feedback but rather asking and replying to feedback.

Use Net Promoter Scores

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple way to measure general customer opinion on your app’s performance. Basically it is a survey asking users how likely are they to recommend your app to their friends. Simple as that. However, that’s a very powerful tool.

NPS is a way to make even passive users engaged in the process of your app assessment. To make it work even better you can enclose a follow-up question asking people to explain their score. This will definitely attract all the active users that are craving to be heard!

Would you recommend the app?

The best thing about NPS is that it’s by far the method that requires the least efforts to set it up. There’s plenty of mobile SDKs on Wootric for both iOS and Android that are gonna help you integrate NPS survey into your app and get feedback really fast.

To top it all off, NPS rules as it doesn’t force users to get out of the app in order to leave feedback. This increases chances of you getting the craved for reviews tremendously! It’s basically one of the best way to implement getting in-app feedback feature into your app.

However, you should keep in mind that NPS, as well as any other kind of getting customer’s feedback, needs to pop up at the right time. You don’t wanna irritate your users by catching them in the middle of active interaction with your app. Otherwise you risk getting some angry reviews.

Create support communities

Putting lots of effort into your app is great. However, you don’t wanna concentrate solely on your app. A good idea would be creating off-app communities for users to leave reviews, ask for help and simply get engaged in your app’s community.

There are a few different types of communities you can create to build up a support system around your app. Here they are:

  • Social media support (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Email support
  • Setting up a blog for users to share their experiences with your app (don’t forget to set up comments)
  • Creating a web forum on your app’s official site

Even though communities are a great way to collect feedback, you need to be aware of the fact that in order to go to the community users are required to leave your app. Make sure to make that offer at the very best moment (e. g., on user’s achieving something).


Now you got some useful suggestions on how to get that crucial feedback from customers. It might be not that easy to pull off juggling with all the tricks at the same time, but we are sure that once you put some time and effort in it you’ll definitely get there!

To sum it up, there’s a lot of ways to get app reviews from users. Although you need to make sure that whichever method you use, the reviews you’re getting are actually taken into consideration and not ignored. That’s the whole point of collecting the feedback!

If you have any questions regarding your future project, feel free to contact us. We kick asses when it comes to developing apps with smart custom design!