How to choose a mobile app developer

So you decided to develop a mobile application.

If you’re reading this you are probably curious to find an answer to the question “Where to find the best mobile developers?”.

We can give you the answer right away – in Ukraine.

Let’s look at the dry facts:

  • Ukraine is ranked as #1 engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • its IT outsourcing market has grown 20 times over the past decade.
  • Besides nearly 75% of IT business works for outsourcing.

That’s why every third order in Europe is handled by Ukranian developers.


Reasons to hire a mobile app developer from Ukraine


Good quality for big money

We all know how hiring a mobile app developer is a luxury in a developed country. It can cost you a fortune!

Most probably you will get a good quality product, although you might be surprised when it comes to the financial expenses. It can cost you starting from $50 an hour up to $125 an hour and even more.

Questionable quality for small money

If your goal is to cut cost and the main question is “How to choose a mobile app development company that would charge as little as possible”, you probably considered hiring Near East developers. However we wouldn’t recommend you doing so.

We have been in IT business for a while and many clients hired us in order to finish the incomplete projects started by low-cost developers.

We’ll provide you with a few examples later on in the article. Even though near east developers charge from $5 to $15/hour there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll get what you want for that money.

The best value for money

Do you want to get a good product and cut cost? Then Ukraine is the best choice for you! It is cheaper than Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania and of course much cheaper than western countries.

However the quality Ukrainian companies deliver is very competitive. Ukrainian developers charge the lowest $25 and the highest $45 an hour.
No wonder more and more clients choose Ukraine when trying to find a decent developer for an iOS or Android app.



We all know the saying “Buy cheap, buy twice”. It is no surprise that clients who hire low-cost developers end up getting not what they wanted.

In this case they often ask Ukrainian developers to help them get things done in a right way.
We’d like to share a few real-life experiences proving the aforementioned saying.

“100% security”

Once we were hired to take care of a mobile app (tinder-like app to ask friends whether they like certain things), which near east developers failed to deliver.

How surprised we were when our team discovered that previous developers weren’t using any kind of version control (like GitHub or BitBucket).

They were simply archiving new versions of the source code and storing the archive on the web-site!

Just imagine, one could simply type in “” and it would give them access to all the source code!

There’s no need to explain what hackers can do having this kind of power in their hands!


“Always up-to-date”

There is a popular app for French night clubs and our task was to make it work properly. See, its previous developers didn’t bother updating 3rd-party SDKs for years!

Of course, once iOS 9 came out (it obliges developers to use only 64-bit libraries), the app went down like a house of cards.

“User privacy comes first”

The same app from the previous paragraph has a built-in facebook login system. Imagine how shocked we were when we discovered that all the passwords along with the logins were simply stored using NSUserDefaults. They weren’t even encrypted!

The point is that NSUserDefaults has public access and is usually used to store data like determining whether a user would like to get notifications or not.

“Adaptability on the whole new level”

One of the apps we had to remake after low-cost developers had a built-in chat system. The funny thing was that developers linked one’s chat history to their username.

Once a user changed the nickname the whole chat history would be lost forever.


What does our experience prove?

The real-life examples above illustrate what risks clients can take hiring low-cost developers. Usually this kind of apps have terrible architecture. Every time we had to deal with a problematic Indian project our team had a hard time understanding the source code and maintaining the project.

Getting back to the saying “Buy cheap, buy twice”. Surprisingly the cost of remaking an unsuccessful project is often higher than the cost of creating it from scratch. Besides you risk losing the most valuable things: your time and happy users.

See, if a person doesn’t like the first impression from an app the odds are good that they will never come back. The good thing is that you can easily avoid the mistakes our previous clients have made.


It’s crucial to keep in touch with a client and provide them with up-to-date information about the development process.

Developers from Ukraine have lots of cultural similarities with clients from western countries. Ukrainian developers tend to focus on collaboration more.

On the other hand near east developers have huge cultural differences with their western counterparts, which can lead to misunderstandings and problems in communication.



Ukrainian education has always been focused on technical professions. Recent studies in 2014 ranked Ukraine 4th place in the world by amount of certified IT specialists following the US, India and Russia.

Furthermore the number of IT graduates is 15 000 per year and it’s constantly growing. Ukrainian programmers are well-known for their high level of IQ and excellent programming skills, that’s why they offer the best experience to clients.

Let’s just take LunApps as an example. Absolute majority of our developers are winners of mathematics, physics and, of course, programming contests and competitions.

This offers the whole new level of experience to our clients. We are proud to say that there are not many IT companies that could make such a statement about their developers.



If anyone asks you “How to hire a mobile app developer?” you know what to answer. Obviously Ukrainian market is the best choice.

However there are over 15 000 registered IT companies in Ukraine. Although they all offer good value everyone wants to get the best value for money.

Passionate team is a key to success

That’s where the Lunapps team comes into play.

Our passionate team consists of experienced high-level IT specialists. LunApps is a full-stack mobile development company that offers pixel-perfect iOS and Android development.

But don’t take our word for it – just check out all the successful projects we delivered to happy clients.



Victor Sharavara

Victor Sharavara