iOS 11 vs. iOS 10: Comparison Review and New Features

Back in the month of June 2017, Apple’s recent announcement that it is going to release its latest version of operating systems for iPhones and iPads called iOS 11, which is a successor to iOS 10, has left people wondering about its new features.

In this article, we are going to give you a short tour about new and improved beta version and a comparison review between iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Apple has released APIs for the development of apps for iOS 11. Although iOS 10 was one of the finest operating systems for devices like mobile phones and tablets, it lacked a few corners and had its own share of pros and cons.

Sure thing, iOS 10 is till date, the most reliable, smooth and fastest for small devices like smartphones. But the productivity level of features skyrockets with each new release and the advantages are becoming less distinct. These factors make people buy iPhones even though they priced very high.

IOS 11

The advantages and the best reasons for having the previous model (10) are: the informed and updated Siri, better messaging with seamlessly countless emojis, the ability to delete own apps and many others. The major disadvantage is an inability to jailbreak the phone or tablet. According to the MacXDVD service, even the user of the administrative level will not be able to access certain protected files.

Some of the other disadvantages are the inability to upgrade – user needs to buy a new phone to have a new operating system. Moreover, other main cons are poor battery life and no notifications on lock screen.

What’s new in iOS 11?

Currently, iOS 11 is in beta stage and is being developed. According to Apple’s official website, the new operating system will be released around this fall. Countless new features have been introduced in the new model and many features have been updated. Some of the new features in iOS 11 preview are:

  • ios 11The app of files – this new Files application allows user to organize files from other apps in the device, other Apple devices that the user has, iCloud Drive and Dropbox. You can quickly and easily find, search, and manage all your files.


  • Dock – it is one swipe away that helps to switch apps simultaneously, increasing the productivity and decreasing the time interval for the user while swiping between apps. The Dock has a learning algorithm and suggests different applications such as “Recently used Apps”, “Apps from different devices”.


  • Multitasking – Dock plays an important role in this feature as well. To multitask, the user will simply use Dock to select different applications to open them in two different windows at the same time by splitting screen into half where user can access two different applications on the go. This feature will be more productive in iPads making proper use of the available screen size.


  • Moving content – while in a divided screen, the user can simply Drag and Drop photos, files and more from one application to another. Content such as text, photos and files could be moved easily. It will be convenient to use in devices with a larger screen.


  • Apple Pencil – the new operating system opens up the opportunity for users to be more creative yet being simplistic while using Apple pencil. The Apple Pencil works really well and the new software update in September, managing files on iPad will get loads easier. Also, there are a few new tweaks. Here’s what to expect:

ios 11

  • Instant Markup –  screenshots and PDFs could be marked instantly by simply scribbling over them. The instant markup on the iPad Pro with Pencil could be enormous for educators.


  • Instant Notes –  to take notes while your device is still locked Apple pencil can be used by tapping it on the screen.


  • Inline drawing – while using this feature, one can simply use their Apple pencil to draw around text and the text will rearrange itself.


  • Scan and Sign – an operating system (11) has introduced this new feature to allow users to scan and crop the unnecessary parts of the document. It can also fine-tune the glare. Signing documents is now simply possible by using the apple pen.


  • Keyboard – with a new keyboard users can skim between letters, numbers or symbols without going to one button that takes you to the number and symbols part of the keyboard. By using the “One Hand Typing” feature, typing with one hand is now possible for people who are doing many things at a time.


  • Augmented reality kit – it allows developers to build various interesting games and other stuff for different Apple devices. Now, you can easily catch Pikachu, drop in space kitties, and roll around with BB8 in augmented reality using AR Kit.


  • Apple Pay – iMessage app can now use Apple pay to send money to loved ones and friends with just a tap of your finger while you are chatting with them. They don’t need to wait for it anymore. According to CNN, this can be possible via Venmo and square cash.


  • Live PhotoLive Photos – the new upgraded feature is Live Photos. The main principle is that live pictures could be turned into a video, making it more fun and lively to view. Simply, the photos are being the big thing and the most notable feature  and forward.


  • Camera –  better filters have been introduced in this new system and enhanced processing of the image which lets you decrease the file size while retaining the quality. The camera app now supports QR code scanning, so this app allows their users to make QR codes instantly.


  • App store – the App Store is entirely redesigned now. A redesigned App store welcomes you and it contains expert opinions on different apps and games. The new app store is literally the most amazing change now. As well, the App Store seems to have officially switched to weekly refresh now.


  • Messages – a newly introduced app drawer allows the user to share stickers, emojis, and games with a single swipe. As well, messages app now includes some snazzy new screen.


  • Siri – with amended artificial intelligence, Siri can answer now complex questions, broad questions, translate copy into several languages and can understand your preferences. Now Siri can anticipate your questions actually before asking them and, of course, all the information is protected.


  • Apple music – it is easy to make a playlist and share it on the app. Songs which your friends listen to most frequently will be also suggested to you. This social sharing option on Apple music is pretty cool. There will be more social interaction, as it expands the connect feature to link with other users.


  • AirPlay 2 – it’s believed that it will work on the new version which will be released in September. The speakers inside the house would be optimized to play your favorite song controlled with higher precision. The new Airplay 2 will handle multiple devices.


  • Control center – a new redesigned interface can be tailored according to the users. 3D touch is also available in control center. The users will be able to control TV volume by using volume buttons on the devices.


  • Lock screen – notifications are now accessible by simply pulling them from the lower end of the phone. This is one of most important feature changes between iOS 11 and iOS 10. If you download beta version you will see that messaging from the lock screen is insanely quick.

IOS 11

  • Do Not Disturb – a new feature can predict when you are about to drive and will prevent messages, calls, and email from distracting you while driving. Simple execution that breaks bad habits and will probably save lives.


  • Maps –  using newer features like indoor maps and lane guidance has made finding places simple and exact. The Maps feature offers better advice to reach a destination. As well, it showcases real world navigation.


  • News – a new learning algorithm is used to show personalized news. There’s a new section in Apple News called Spotlight. You will be excited for Apple News Spotlight feature, as every day the editors choose different topics for you to discover. It seems to be entirely human curated.


  • Automatic Setup – holding a new phone near the previous one will import all the information required. You can make personal settings to the new device without the need of going through the tedious process.

ios 11

iOS 11 vs. iOS 10: Comparison

As stated above, iOS 11 has many new and improved features to offer. And the features are much more better when people compare them with the previous version. The following table will summarize differences between iOS 11 and iOS 10.


Features iOS 10 iOS 11
Lock screen Plain with a wallpaper and no notifications. Pulling from the bottom shows all the notifications.
Control Center Shortcuts, music controls, two screen and swipe-to-the-left feature. More shortcuts, 3D touch, new animations, option to customize shortcuts according to the needs.
App store Today tab, currently featured, categories and top charts. Expert opinions about new apps and games, redesigned interface, clearer categories.
Siri Can’t properly answer broad questions, cannot translate, cannot identify preferred music. New animations, better answers for broad questions, quick and to the point translation, can identify preferred music.
Multitasking Dark Mode and Split Screen Multitasking concept look great when using. Adjustable split screen, easier multitasking, pop-over application and can be moved around.
Apple Pencil Writing and drawing, taking notes and editing documents. You can see the pencil in action here. Instant marking, instant notes even when the device is locked, drawing and signing in documents without the need to print.
Keyboard No flicking, the user has to go to the specific section for numbers and symbols. Also, an obscure feature: multilingual typing requires adding both EN and FR keyboards. Flicking on a letter allows user to switch between letters, numbers and symbols. The single handed mode is convenient for people with small hands.
Apple pay Wireless transferring money in restaurant, cafes and other shopping places. Can be used along iMessage app to send money to friends and family directly.
Camera Good image processing, less filters.  This version doesn’t have the feature of gifs working in the camera roll. More filters, natural skin tones, improved image processing by decreasing the size of file whilst keeping the quality.
Apple Music Suggesting different artists, different songs, top charts. Ability to share your own playlist and ability to see the most listened music by your friends.
Maps Navigation, ratings and reviews about different places. Indoor maps like that of malls and lane guidance.
News Trending news about music, politics, sports and other important things that are going around the world. Personalized news and preferred stuff which depends on a new learning algorithm. Seems to be entirely human curated.



iOS 11 is a big leap into the future with all so better apps inside and easier interface. It makes the user feel comfortable and do many things simultaneously. But if you are currently using the beta version, you might see many problems and bugs because it is in a beta stage which refers to a testing the features and improving them over time.

However, the latest news about iOS 11 is that it will be released alongside iPhone 8 in autumn. But Apple will continue to support all versions.

All the problems which users were complaining about while using iOS 10 like lack of intelligence in Siri, no notifications on lock screen among others have all been taken care of by the latest version.

Apple has again proved that it has the ability to improve the best operating system across the world. With its simple design, staying in constant touch with friends, financing family at one tap, multitasking has never been so easy.

This time Apple took safety into consideration and came up with the Do Not Disturb feature so that user can reach home safely. For sure, it is a step into the right direction.

If you have any comments about the new Apple features, please leave a comment. Moreover, you can contact the LunAapps support today and get to know more about apps development!