How to make a game like Candy Crush?

Casual mobile games can boast the biggest share in the entire mobile gaming market today. They appear to be the most popular with users thanks to their easy rules and simple mechanics. The niche has a huge potential from business perspectives. For this reason, many developers wonder how to make a match-3 game, deliver it to the target audience and monetize in order to make a couple of bucks from it.

All casual games can be divided into several categories in accordance with their rules and mechanics. The most popular category introduces match-3 puzzle games that are in huge demand with users. The task is very simple. A player needs to earn as many points as possible by forming a combination of three or more equal objects in the line.

Players are limited in both time and number of moves. In other words, they need to hurry and make wise decisions at the same time, in order to win. Here are some of the most popular match-3 puzzle games you have certainly heard of:

  • Candy Crush Saga;
  • Candy Blast Mania;
  • Bejeweled Blitz;
  • Jewel Mania and more.

The gaming structure is very simple. A player should complete the stage within a given time and limited health scale. If he or she completes the level using a given number of efforts, the life scale will be fully or partially restored. That’s how a player goes to the next stage.

However, if he or she fails to complete the stage or runs out of health, the scale will be restored, but after some particular time. A player can wait for another chance to take the challenge or purchase all necessary supplies, improvements, and health.

All purchases can be completed using in-game currency as well as real money. In-app purchases are among the most efficient and reliable monetization tools that proved to be ideal when it comes to developing 2D mobile games.

Smash the Evil

Smash the Evil is a great example of our team’s innovative approach. This game differs from all other products of this genre by the following issues:

  • Story – A player finds himself in a magic world full of monsters and extraordinary creatures. The main mission of the game is to set Queen Angie and her kingdom free from those monsters;
  • Modified Match-3 Mechanics – The basic mechanics lets players destroy the line of at least three objects in a row.  In our game, a player can not only destroy three or more monsters in a row but also other monsters of the same type placed near each other. The new modification adds thrill to the gaming process;
  • New Gaming Mode – We decided to add a new gaming mode making it possible for users to turn the device during the gaming process. Every turn will make monsters fall in another direction. So, you can control their trajectory by turning your device.

How to Make a Match-3 Game?

Once you have come up with an idea of developing a match-3 game, you need to follow some fundamental rules of the development process. The task itself consists of various stages of different complexity. The most important stages are as follows:

  1. Choosing a theme for your game – The first thing you need to do is to identify your target audience in order to choose the right theme for the game. If your target audience covers male users aged 20-40, they will hardly appreciate a game related to knights and battles.
  2. Choosing a game engine – as a rule, 90% of all developers prefer game engines instead of native development means. On the one hand, game engines put an ease on the development process. On the other hand, they deliver an extended list of additional visual and sound effects. They support various mobile platforms and affect the level of productivity. You need to be rather careful when choosing the right game engine.
  3. Choosing game mechanics – the only way to make your users play the game for the second and third time is to provide them with some new great options and features. If they get bored with the gaming process, they will never use your app again. Choosing the right game mechanics will let you bring new gaming levels and modes, new bonuses, and other features to grab the attention of your players.
  4. Choosing a monetization model – as a rule, 99.9% of match-3 games are free to play. In-app purchases appear to be the only monetization strategy that worth paying attention. We have already mentioned the ability of users to buy extra health, movements and other improvements using real money or in-game currency. You can charge some minimum fees to activate additional gaming modes, stages or levels.
  5. Sound Effects and Graphics – Needless to say, any game should feature great design and animation in addition to sound effects. Moreover, the key to success is to make your game as interactive as possible. Every user’s movement must be followed by a particular sound or visual effect. The idea can be implemented with the help of animation and some other useful tools.
  6. Developing the game – developers must take into account several vital issues in order to provide enough level of productivity and performance enabling a smooth gaming process. In some cases, developers will have to say no to some extra visual effects in favor of productivity. Moreover, the reward system must be flawless. Imagine your surprise when you pay for something and you do not get it. The same thing is with bonuses, points, and rewards. Make sure the system delivers them properly while the purchases are completed without any sign of failure.
  7. Extended Social Integration – the ability to integrate your game with some of the biggest social networks will bring your product to success. Players are looking for the slightest chance to compete with real rival including their Facebook friends. They may exchange their bonuses or rewards as well as interact with each other in any way.
  8. The balance of levels difficulty – the idea is to make user stick to your game round the clock. A player is likely to give up your game if the levels are equally difficult or easy. You need to establish a balance of difficulty letting players rest after a tough challenge with a boss, for example. Levels of lower difficulty let players believe in their own abilities again even after losing the toughest challenge in the real life.
  9. Analytics – you need to track the behavior of your users 24/7. Integrated analytic tools will let you keep in touch with users’ impressions and better understand the way they interact with the game in general. You will be able to identify the key reasons for players leaving your app and much more useful information.

How much does it cost to make a game like Candy Crush?

The price depends on numerous factors. The following issues affect the cost of the development process the most:

  • A number of levels;
  • Levels’ difficulty;
  • Type of game mechanics;
  • Type of game engine;
  • Type of reward system and more.

The process may come with some serious obstacles and challenges, as it is very hard to make predictions in the changing world of mobile gaming apps. On the other hand, professional and qualified development experts may help and bring your ideas to life.

We have a team of experts who have proved their ability and skills in the creation of mobile match-3 puzzle game of high quality. If you also want to reach the top with your mobile gaming application, feel free to contact our company whenever you need!