How to Make a Secure Mobile Banking App On Android?

Mobile applications have contributed so much towards simplifying so many aspects of our daily lives. This is a point we can all agree on. Proof of this is the constant increase in the number of mobile app users over the past few years. So is bringing this kind of technology to the financial sector beneficial?

The answer to that question is straightforward, yes. There are so many functions that can be incorporated into a mobile banking app to facilitate the various functions. That being said, let’s look at how to build a mobile banking app in further detail.

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Why would you develop a banking app?

When it comes to banking, details are crucial. This is because there are so many functions that need to be just perfect in order for everything to run smoothly. Simplifying the involved amount of work is one of the major reasons why creating a mobile banking app would come to mind.

The promise of simplifying the complexity of the work is the biggest attraction the mobile app has. Therefore, let’s identify some other points why banks can benefit from banking applications.

Time Saver

Imagine a world without mobile banking apps. Well, that’s not really hard to do because that was the case until just recently. Mobile banking apps have enabled bank clients to save a lot of time, which usually spent standing in queues.

The changes that mobile banking app development has brought are drastic. Nowadays, clients can make most of the transactions online saving a lot of time.


Nowadays almost everyone has an iOS operated iPhone or an Android mobile device. Because apps are primarily created to be operable on such devices, simplicity is prioritized when developing a mobile banking app.

For a typical user, the experience with mobile banking apps counts. These applications are very straightforward when it comes to usability. Users can perform a particular action without any problem.



Although this is one of the most controversial sides of a mobile app, it can be considered an advantage as well. The truth is, mobile banking apps have become more secure than ever. It is safe to say that they are among the most secure options out there.

Internet banking vs. mobile banking

Internet banking was considered a revolution when it first arrived on the scene. However, the extent of changes it brought to the banking industry does not come close in comparison to mobile banking.

This is because in the most cases internet banking required a computer and a good internet connection. In the case of mobile banking, all you really need is a smartphone or tablet. What about the connection? Well, we have come a long way with Wi-Fi technology that the problem with connection almost has a solid solution.

Lower costs to the customer

In normal circumstances, the customer has to go to the bank or to make a particular payment or carry out any other transaction. In this situation, the charges on the customer are actually higher compared to the use of a mobile app.

The above are some of the many advantages of the mobile app to the user and the bank. Many mobile banking app developers also get a piece of the action solely on the demand.

Best ideas for developing a great mobile banking app

How do you make sure your mobile app meets all the goals you set for it? Let us identify some of the most important points to consider for your mobile app.

1. Audience

What is your target audience? This is the first question you have to ask yourself. You are definitely looking for a group of people who spend a lot of time on their mobile device. Individuals who do a lot of online shopping have the biggest possibility of enabling your product to be successful.

So, who are these individuals? Many people will rapidly draw a line connecting these kinds of apps to youths. However, this is not usually the case. It is advisable to check the statistics before the creation of any mobile app. This will also depend on the region you want to market your app.

2. Isolate the essential features

The next step is to come up with a list of features and activities you would like to add to your application and how you can add them to your product. After that, go through your list and start eliminating some features only leaving the important ones.

Many developers make the mistake of adding too many features to their application. This is because they forget that little can be better.

With the remaining features, they can further work and make sure they perfect each of them. This translates to a great user experience, which leads to the success of the app.


3. Security

One of the most common reasons why any individual will discourage the use of mobile banking is the issue of security. So, let’s address it.

We previously stated that m-banking apps are actually among the safest options. So, how do you make sure your app is safe?

  • First look at the privacy policies for other mobile apps. Make sure you reach these expectations before you can release your product to the public.
  • Proceed to make a configuration of the application servers. This ensures that mobile devices do not receive any emails marked as spam.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest digital signature tech and incorporate it into your mobile application. Make sure you already have an encryption program for storage cards. The advantage of this is that it prevents theft from another device.
  • A password-strength checker must be added to your application as well. This will help users to make sure their password is strong enough to prevent theft.

Remember that your app should come with a security guarantee; this will be the determinant factor in its success or failure.

4. Speed and simplicity

When coming up with the design of your application always keep in mind that a simple and smooth running app will always beat a slow and complex one. Therefore, make sure your app does not have too many features as this will make it complex to operate.

It can also affect the efficiency of the app in general, which includes the speed. So, what are some of these imperfections a user will be able to identify?

  • Problems logging in and poor UI along with a design that shows lack of effort.
  • The absence of any features that enable the user to search or check their history data.
  • Overwhelming the user will multiple functions at one time.

In most cases, it is wise to add only two functions. The users want the ability to check their balance and the ability to transfer and receive money from one account to another (principle functions).

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5. Create an attractive user interface

Mobile banking apps are not on anyone’s list of the most attractive app in the apps industry. This is because developers only look at the functionality of the application.

This can be changed – mobile banking application can be both effective as a functioning application and a great sight to behold. Luckily there are certain principles that will guide you:

  • Make sure that the important functions are performed quickly.
  • Make the app customizable – for example, no one likes to receive notifications they know they will not look at. Enable the user to make a decision on whether to receive all kinds of notifications or just select a few.
  • Include some common gestures that will help users of your app to perform certain operations. For example, a user can pinch the screen to zoom in and so on.
  • To avoid adding too much information to your application, make sure it is connected to a website. This is the best way of preventing an overload.

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6. Cost to develop a mobile banking application

Now, we have identified the most important points that facilitate app development, let’s look at how much a mobile banking app development costs.

A lot of money has been sent creating custom mobile apps for banks. The maximum amount of money it would take to create a functional mobile application is up to $132, 000 (from the ground up).

The above sum is spent by the world’s biggest banks. Some outsource companies that specialize in creating applications for the same purposes but for smaller companies usually, charge between $50,000 to $80,000. However, the sum could be less as it all depends on the number of feature and services you would like to provide.

Therefore, make sure you do a lot of research on any company before you proceed to hire and work with them. Because the cost to create an app varies from one company to the next, and a more extensive search on mobile banking app development companies will be required. At least, it would be great first to contact and discuss the possible cooperation, and further, read the testimonials and watch the ready examples and previous works. Also, it would be valuable to check the banking trends and do a deep research before any actions.

To conclude, a custom banking app can be made for any business and be very beneficial for a startup business. At Lunapps our team specializes in creating the banking apps you may require. By taking your project very seriously and the team makes sure it meets all standards. You will see that the offered services are rated at a fair price, therefore, you will get the full benefit!