8 Mobile App Design Tips for Successful Project

Design is one of the main things in app development. Users see it from the download till the last time they use it and never return. So what are the app design tips and tricks to make them come back and stay? How to design and create best UI/UX for Android or iOS?
Screen size doesn’t matter – if you create apps for iPhone, iPad, HTC or Nexus. You still need to follow interaction design rules in any case. There are 8 mobile app design tips for successful project. Dig in!

1. User-driven Design

Design should be created for right user. User researches will help you define your company audience and create design especially for them. Age, gender, status – everything matters. There are three practices for understanding your users: Personas, User Scenarios and Experience Maps.
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2. Usability

It should be obvious, but lots of apps are not using this rule. If client can’t easily use the app, then he certainly won’t download it from the App Store and delete, if he already did it.Usability makes product coherent. So it’s one of the main factors for being valuable and strongly necessary. And this is one of the main mobile UI/UX design tips

3. Constant research

Things are changing, so are systems and platforms – so the apps should. And that’s where analytics come. You should constantly research, what are the trends, what are the fashionable things, what should be changes to create smoother user experience.
So constant research is one of the application design best practices. Obviously, it should be done regularly – from the first wireframes and logo till the app’s last breath.
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4. Affordance & Signifiers

Signifiers hint at affordance. They should be understandable and common, in other way – nobody needs them. It’s common that blue, underlined text shows that clicking on it will take you somewhere.
And if it doesn’t happen – it’s strange. Use signifiers correctly so users don’t need to think about what each UI element is and exit your app in tears, because they don’t understand what they should do there.

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5. Similar & moving

Each device has its own usability rules. Moreover, each user has his own way to use and hold his phone or tablet. So developers face a difficult task – make app work and good at its best on every screen and with everybody.
That’s where gestures and animations come. We are so used to them, sometimes we try to make them in real-life (swipe a book?). Animations are great and beautiful and can show more with fewer clicks from user. Don’t forget that users are impatient – let them do everything faster, write important things first.
Make sure you study UI/UX of popular apps and understand their principles. They wouldn’t be popular if users didn’t like designs. So open Instagram and take notes.
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6. Don’t forget about users

Feedback lets users what happened with their action. It can be a signal or window with error, doesn’t matter. Just make sure they know you care about them. And, of course, it should be in time, not after 5 minutes.
Users also should fell that they’re cared about when an app is finger-friendly. Of course, for children it’s not a problem, but in general fingers are bigger then buttons, so count with it – and don’t leave user trying to check that little box to sign up for your app. He won’t.

7. Make an impression

Flat formed design is now the new fashion since Apple made trendy in their apps. “Conform or be cast out” as they say. However, you can spill a drop of blood in a stream of monotony. It may sound surprisingly but some shadows and gradients will definitely do the trick.
Since you differ a little, you’ll be remembered. You may diversify your app using 3D effects on some elements for example key buttons or input forms. But don’t overdo. Effects should not affect convenience.
Google Material Design is a perfect example of stylish use of shadows and gradients to reach moderate effect of skeuomorphism.
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8. Interface optimization with design tips

When creating your app, do not forget about three clicks rule. User should perform minimum actions to reach his aims. Three clicks from start to finish.
Maybe it’s not necessary to include absolutely all the features into mobile application but pay the attention only for essential and “hurry up” ones and save not urgent for full version.This is one of the very important mobile application design tips


We just wrote about 8 successful mobile app design tips. Of course, there are
hundreds of them – for each device, user, app and so on. No one says you should follow somebody’s path. Just make sure you create app to make user’s life easier, not vice versa.
Want to have more tips? Interested in new ideas for your app? Write us in comments bellow or contact us here, we’ll gladly help you!