How To Develop an App Like Periscope?

Streaming apps have taken the Internet by storm. They let users easily capture and broadcast live videos in addition to sharing some great moments of their lives, take part in online conferences and meetings and even benefit from online consultations provided by healthcare organizations remotely. Live video streaming apps are flushing the market of mobile applications highlighting enormous demand.

Periscope is a perfect example of such a successful streaming product featuring millions of broadcasts globally. Acquired by Twitter in 2015, the product is certainly a flagship in the streaming app industry performing outstanding results as for newly established startup.

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Brief Introduction to the Periscope History

You will hardly meet an app user who has never heard of Periscope. However, a few people know that the initial name of the project was “Bounty”. The idea of building a globally successful streaming app appeared in 2014 when two friends Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour came up with a wish of developing an application that would come as a separate video streaming service with a real-time operation as its main feature.

The idea was to develop a product that provides access to video content from any part of the world. Despite the fact, their initial app was a great success there were numerous complaints about the low-quality content and poor running.

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Fortunately for the startup, it got spotted by Twitter and appeared to have an enormous potential. In 2015, the purchase was eventually completed providing Twitter full rights over a new streaming app now known as Periscope. They had all the bugs fixed and launched the rebranding campaign in addition to promotion strategies. The result exceeded all expectations. The application can boast a selection of essential features. They include:

  • The ability to sign in via phone or Twitter account;
  • Live Video broadcasting and streaming;
  • Efficient global broadcast search system and filters to make the navigation fast and easy;
  • Integrated world map that highlights both completed and active videos;
  • Save option to store the video after it is broadcasted;
  • Users’ engagement and interaction via hearts (the same as likes);
  • Direct communication and chatting with broadcaster in real time;
  • Integration with Twitter.

Periscope comes as a rather functional streaming and broadcasting tool. For this reason, many developers make numerous efforts to build something equal and gain maximum success from the product. However, the challenge may appear tougher than it seems at first sight. Here are some common reasons that may contribute to falling short of success:

  1. You will need considerable amount of investments to implement the project. Limited budget will hardly turn your product into a success;
  2. The competition in the niche is extremely high. You need to be unique and original;
  3. Some developers disperse their attention to less important issues when developing a streaming app resulting in the lack of attention to some fundamental and core aspects of the process;
  4. You will not be able to proceed with an in-depth market research before the release of your product;
  5. Some may focus on functions and features that are of no use for customers. You need to implement only those features that will enable a better users’ engagement and impression not to spend money on useless issues;
  6. You need to form an efficient feedback to consider users’ complaints when modifying your app or fixing some bugs.

In other words, whenever you decide to start a live streaming app development, you need to have a clear plan in addition to a systematic guide to all features you want to implement. Moreover, you will have to learn some fundamental startup principles in order not to fail your project.

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Tips on How to Make a Live Streaming App

Building live stream app like Periscope considers having a core feature, which is actually video streaming. The key to success is to deliver high-quality service to your end users featuring smooth operation and no bugs at all. For this reason, you will need to implement some technological advances and solutions that ensure a reliable technical background.

You need to choose the most appropriate development technologies, reliable media server and streaming mechanisms, of course. Those who do not have any technology skills or necessary background can delegate all responsibilities to our experienced professionals who will bring your every idea to life.

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Step 1 – Minimum Viable Product

The first step to develop an app like Periscope is to come up with an MVP version of your product. You may follow the example of the industry flagship and adopt some of its essential functions and features.

Here are some of the obligatory features every successful streaming application must have:

  • Users’ registration Form;
  • Users’ Profiles;
  • Streaming video content in real time;
  • Commenting feature to share opinions on a given broadcast;
  • Navigation system to search other users online;
  • Great design and user-friendly interface;
  • Reliable server for a high-quality and smooth streaming.

All the above-mentioned will let you build a good app and introduce it to a targeted audience resulting in efficient feedback. You will see how it works under real conditions and will be able to proceed with additional testing and bug fixing in case of necessity.

Before the app is uploaded to the marketplace no matter if it is related to iOS or you want to make an Android app like Periscope you need to ensure all fundamental features are running smoothly. Whether you develop a streaming application or any other mobile product, a successful users’ experience is the key to success.

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Step 2 – Building Up a Successful App

As soon as you start gaining your niche, you may launch the building up process implementing additional functions to make your product stand out from hundreds of other apps. The first stage included creating only a concept for the future product.

MVP version lets you establish the right price and explore the market as well as the main competitors there. The second stage involves not only bug fixing and testing but also implementation of extended existing functions as well as some new features. The modifications may include:

  • Additional ways for users to sign in;
  • More details indicated in users’ profiles;
  • Replay or Rewind functions;
  • Likes, comments, shares and more features to make users engage with the app;
  • Improved navigation system with more filters;
  • Add geos;
  • Broadcast subscriptions and sharing.

You need to proceed with the regular exploration and research to reveal the audience behavior and establish an efficient feedback. It will eventually result in more advanced functionality and users’ satisfaction.

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Step 3 – Taking the Root

Now you can observe a clear picture of how successful and efficient your streaming application is. The last but not the least is to deliver maximum convenience to the end users in addition to regular updates and modifications. You should never stop developing your product as well as improving general users’ experience. The following tips may certainly come in handy:

  • Add new design features and improvements;
  • Add animations to interface, use icons and more;
  • Develop a notification tool and schedules;
  • Make users benefit from more privacy and the ability to specify the desired audience;
  • Provide various video quality options;
  • Make your application easily integrated with major social networks.

Always keep in touch with your users’ preferable features and focus on them when performing upgrades and modifications. Avoid being too pushy at the same time. Let them take the fullest from your app. In case you decide to come up even with the slightest changes, try to make them as painless for your customers as possible.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Live Stream App Like Periscope?

The price will range depending on a particular development team. You will hardly hear the precise live streaming app development cost, as there are numerous aspects to consider. If we speak of iOS-based application equal to Periscope, we need to take into account several crucial factors that will affect the price:

  • The amount of implemented functions and features as well as their complexity;
  • The type of technological methods and algorithms you choose;
  • The level of experience and expertise of a particular vendor;
  • Deadlines, development from scratch or SDK, etc.

All of the above-mentioned really matter when it comes to developing an app like Periscope. At the same time, the quotes may differ for Android-based devices. The idea is to compare and contrast all possible pros and cons before launching the project and calculating the cost to build an iPhone app like Periscope.

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Final Thought

Periscope is certainly an impressive streaming app that inspires many developers to introduce the same product and gain maximum users. On the one hand, creating a Periscope clone is the same as an effort to hit the giant. On the other hand, being a one-of-a-kind is also a tough challenge.

Whatever you decide, the slightest unique idea can turn into a huge plus in favor of your own streaming application. Being original is the main key to success every time it comes to the mobile application market.

Still do not know how to get started and bring your award-winning ideas to life? Our pool of dedicated professionals will do its best to implement your every idea and deliver an A-list product to the app store. We will show you how to develop an app like Periscope and gain success. Contact our company now.